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Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Going in the Right Direction (Starting Tomorrow -- No Really!)


I scheduled my mammogram for Monday morning.  I’m not terribly concerned about it, but at the same time, I will be glad to get it over with.  I don’t want those thoughts hanging over me.

My Medifast order has shipped.  I had it shipped to my work address, since getting things at my loft is kind of tricky.  I ordered something at Christmas that I intended to have (it was food) on Christmas, and I finally got the package a couple of days after New Year’s because my loft’s concierge office misdirected the package to another resident who was away for the holidays (they delivered it to their refrigerator, at least).  Anyway, I figure I will get my Medifast package Monday.  I will probably not eat breakfast Monday morning and have one of the Medifast meals as soon as my package arrives.  The package includes shakes, bars, oatmeal, soups, etc.  So there will be something there I can have as soon as it gets here.

Until then I am not being extremely strict with myself, but I am watching portions.  I had a salad for lunch today (but had one cookie after the salad).  Breakfast was cereal.  Tonight I might have some scrambled eggs and sausage.

I am unsure what the rest of my day may hold since my daughter is feeling pretty uneasy about how her stomach feels.  She asked me to keep my phone close by at all times in case the symptoms escalate and it becomes necessary for her to go to the ER.  She has an appointment with her GI doctor tomorrow, in the meantime.  She also has a job interview today.  I am praying this is not leading up to another obstruction.

If it does, I have all kinds of thoughts going through my head.  For one thing, we will file a claim for disability if she does have another obstruction.  A couple of doctors said she may keep having problems with this throughout her life.  Others said it should not happen again.  If it happens again, I am more apt to believe the first doctors.  It will be very difficult for Steph to get a job and keep one if she keeps having this happen.  This, along with her other issues with her feet (5 foot surgeries), knees (3 knee surgeries) and back (one major back surgery), limit her on what type of job she can do.  She cannot take a job where she has to be on her feet constantly or has to do much lifting.  And this stomach thing is making it hard for her to keep an office job.  She may have to do contract/temporary work, which is a little hard to count on.  I was thinking maybe she could do contract medical transcription work, if she could get going on it.  She might have to take a course on it first.

We are trying to get assistance from the Texas Department of Rehabilitative Services (or something like that).  They help with vocational rehabilitation, among other things.  They help find a type of job she can do (and keep) and help her get training, if needed, and help with job placement.

I am also thinking what we might need to do about living situations.  If Steph does have another episode and cannot get a job soon, I cannot continue to pay for her share of living in an apartment with her sister.  We may need to think about at least her, or both of them, moving back in with me for a while.  In that case, I would want to see about getting a bigger loft in the same lofts I live in now, with the kids helping toward rent and expenses like roommates, as much as possible.  That would cost me less than paying for her to keep living at the apartment she lives in now.

Who knows if any of this will come to pass, but I am just trying to be prepared in case it does.  I do better when I prepare ahead of time.

At least the Medifast program will require little thought or preparation on my part for what I will eat each day.  If she does go back in the hospital for a number of days, I can just eat the Medifast meals and not have to worry about finding food otherwise.

My son should begin to make money by the end of the week (he will be through training and can start earning tips), so hopefully he can buy his own food (along with what I already have in the house).  I can help him out some, but hopefully my food budget can go toward the cost of the Medifast, for the most part.

I am also trying to work as much OT as I can right now, since I will have to make sure bills are paid until Stephanie is working again.  There is no rest for the weary (meaning me).



Well, my Medifast stuff came today!  Of course, I have already eaten breakfast.  I thought about just waiting to start until Monday, but why wait to start feeling better?  That is silly.  The only thing is, I was planning to take one off day on weekends.  Hopefully I will do okay this weekend without an off day, since I am just getting started.  Then I can take one next weekend.  I ate too much yesterday, anyway.

The food looks interesting; we will see how it tastes.  The package included soup, two kinds of oatmeal, two kinds of “snack” bars, 3 kinds of shakes, brownies, and a kind of soft-serve dessert.  I think that is all.  The soup seems to be the only “savory” thing.

Now that I think it over, I think I will start tomorrow.  I went out to dinner last night and still have that “left over”, since I only ate half of my plate.  It will tempt me.  And I will like starting with a full day rather than a partial day.  Yes, I feel good about that.

I am definitely ready to start feeling better.  Walking is painful.  Clothes are not fitting well.  I’m ready to get going on the down-hill side.  Starting tomorrow also lets me weigh first thing in the morning to know where I am starting.

It’s 8:39 p.m. and I am still at work.  Going to see if I can get this posted.

I am kind of excited to get started tomorrow.  I am ready to get things moving in the right direction.

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