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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back To It Today

My tummy’s reaction to yesterday’s off-day was, “Why the heck are you giving me all this food?”  It rebelled at first, and I definitely could not eat as much as I could before.  That is a good thing.  I didn’t eat as well as I would have liked.  I will try to do better next week.  I was ready to get back to it today, believe it or not.

As for activity, I had three walks yesterday, and quite a bit of house cleaning.  I never made it out on the bike.  I wish I had a way to go out by myself and then bring Cas out to get some exercise.  But I can’t without a lot of trouble.  Unless one of my daughters comes over.  Perhaps they will be here later.  My back protested last night after the walking, but felt okay when I got up.  As I sit here now, though, I’ve got that pain shooting down my right leg again.

I went to church this morning and didn’t get home until about 2:30.  I sure wish my church was downtown.  There was a wreck on the highway coming home, so it took a while to get here (plus I stopped at the store for a few things on the way home).  But I’ll take the commute one or two days a week over five days a week any day.  Now, I think a nap is in order, if Cas will let me.

I didn’t make it out on the bike today, either.  I did take Cas to the dog park and walked around there quite a bit.  I am finishing out the day with some housework.  I’ve been hungry, but nothing too bad and I still have my determination to do this.  I expect to have another good week.

I read a little in The Back book and know some stretching exercises I need to start with.

I would really like to start dating again, but I want to feel better first.  I hope in the next six months I can get there, one way or another.  And if everything goes as planned, I will be looking much better and feeling better about myself too.  I like who I am and don’t apologize for myself, but I would feel much better about myself if I get my weight down.

Have a great week, everyone.  I plan to make some more big progress this week.

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