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Thursday, January 17, 2013


I made it through another day.  Yesterday wasn’t quite as tough.  I got hungry, but the meals satisfied me and I didn’t feel like I needed anything else last night.

I am down 10.8 pounds!  I started this last Saturday.  My boss had asked me how much I thought I would lose with the two weeks’ worth of food I bought.  I told him I estimated 12 pounds.  Looks like I might make 12 pounds with one week.  I’ve got today and tomorrow.  Saturday will be an off day.  I am glad I weigh in before I eat on my off day and have a whole week to “recover” from it.  I don’t plan to gorge; just try to eat like I would on maintenance, with emphasis on more protein and vegetables, and lighter on the carbs.

It was a tough night.  In my loft, the bedroom is closest to the corridor.  That is good, because I don’t hear all the outside noise, but it is not good when people are going in and out the door to the parking garage at late hours.  That was what was going on last night.  People (or one person) were going in and out of their apartment (next to mine) and then out the door to the parking garage over and over again until after Midnight.  They made no effort to keep the door from slamming.  I would be just dropping off to sleep and the door would slam and wake me up.  I am sure they have no idea how loud it is and that my bedroom is right there.  I asked my son if he would mention it to them when he sees them (he is acquainted with them), or I will, next time one of us sees them.  If they will just catch the doors and hold on to them while they close, that would help the problem.

The other thing was my knee was hurting me a LOT.  I am thinking about calling my doctor and asking why they cut back my medication.  I will tell her the problem I am having, that I only take it if I really need it, that I am working hard to get weight off to hopefully help, and that if it is not better once I get enough weight off, I likely will have surgery after the middle of the year.  My knee seemed to be hurting even when sitting up quite a bit, so I tried laying on my side with pillows supporting me where I needed them.  I also took another pain pill.  That only helped a little.  Early in the morning, I propped the pillows up so that I was basically sitting straight up, and that did seem to help.  So I will try to do that all night tonight and see if that helps.  If I still have that much trouble sleeping (it seemed like I was aware of the pain all night, almost), I will talk to her about it.

I did walk my dog this morning.  I haven’t in a few days (my son takes him out when I can’t), partly because of the weather, but mostly because of pain issues.  I felt okay doing that.  It is strange that it is hurting me so much while lying down.  It is like someone is stabbing me in my knee and then I can feel this aching going all the way up the nerve.  It feels much like my arm did before my neck surgery.

The parts finally came in for my recumbent bike.  They are supposed to come fix it Saturday.  That will be a good way to get my workout in where I don’t have to go to the gym to do it.  Sometimes I will want to go to the gym anyway, but this will give me no excuse.  Except the fact that my son sleeps in the living room.  I will be ready to get started soon.  Medifast does say don’t try to start an exercise program when you first start the program because your body needs to adjust to taking in fewer calories.  I admit, I do feel weak (and I am eating less than the real program).  I will try to get started on some short walks (if my body will cooperate) and then start on the bike soon.  Even if I just do 10 or 15 minutes, I will be starting the habit.  I used to work out every weekday morning, almost without fail.  I did that for a year and a half.  Then my daughter had a serious surgery and then my back started being symptomatic.  I am ready to get back to where working out is almost an addiction.

I made a muffin out of my Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal today.  I added some salt, a half packet of Stevia and some cinnamon.  It, like the cookies, was okay.  Definitely better than just eating the oatmeal.  I am glad I discovered this.  I waited to eat this morning until I got to work.  I didn’t get so hungry before lunch that way.  I am having shakes for lunch and dinner today, unless I decide I want the Chicken Noodle Soup.  I am doubting I will (nope, didn’t).  Afternoon snack will be a snack bar, and evening snack will be Greek yogurt.  I can’t do that Chocolate Mint Soft Serve.  I have to work late tonight, so I came prepared.  I may have to work very late.  I meant to bring me some roasted vegetables to help with the late night, if I struggle, but didn’t get them made.  However, I may go home for lunch today, and I can make them then.  I plan to chug water today to help with fullness.  I just need to get through today and tomorrow, and then I get a day off.

I struggle with sleepiness a lot these days, and that rough night didn’t help any.

Today, the radiating pain to my knee is hurting me, even just sitting at my desk.  This is not good.  Before, I at least was okay if I was sitting down.  I hope this improves soon.  I feel like I have gotten worse the last few weeks.

This reminds me…I read somewhere – probably someone’s blog – that when we think eating clean and getting our exercise (doing all the things necessary to be healthy and lose weight) is difficult, we need to remember that being overweight is difficult, all day, every day.  This is certainly true for me.  Which is worse – to rein in my eating a little or to be in pain all day, every day?  Not to mention how negatively I feel about myself, not getting to do things I would like to do, can’t wear the clothes I would like to wear, etc., etc.  I am going to try to remind myself of this when I am tempted to go off my plan.  The throb in my knee ought to be enough reminder that being overweight is much harder than sticking to my plan.

The thought occurred to me this afternoon that if I do not have enough improvement in my pain levels when I get to where I wanted to get on this Medifast plan (mine, with just the 5 MF meals per day), I might want to continue the regular Medifast plan (with the added Lean and Green meal every day) until I do or until I get to where I can have the surgery, if it turns out I need to.  It is still supposed to be a weight loss plan where you lose faster than with some others.  My goal is to get to where I could have the surgery (if I need it) by middle of June or July.  Hopefully by the time I get my weight down there, I will feel enough better where I don’t need the surgery, but if I don’t, I don’t want the “too much abdominal fat” to prevent me from having the surgery if I need it.

We will see.  I hope I feel enough better with my first goal of 250.  It’s one thing to hurt with every step you take.  It’s another to not be able to sleep and to hurt when you are just sitting.  That is something I do not deal with very well on a long-term basis.  Hopefully it improves.


  1. Wow Sheryl, that weight is really dropping off! Nice going - that has to feel gratifying, even though the food tastes terrible.

    1. Yes, it does feel good! And is much needed, since pain issues seem to be presenting themselves more these days. That keeps me motivated (fortunately and unfortunately).


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