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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Me and My Bike

Feeling a little better in some ways.  My appetite seems to have settled down a little bit in that I don't feel like eating to just eat.  I don't like the way I feel when I overdo, so I have not been doing that much.  I still need to work more on what I am eating, but the amount is better.

I braved the scale.  I have gained a few pounds, but not an exorbitant amount considering how much I have been struggling.

I am still struggling with headaches -- constantly.  I have basically had a headache for at least two weeks, only getting a break when I sleep.  My neck and shoulders feel so tight, I know that is a lot of the cause.  I have been working 12 hours a day, day after day, and I think that is part of what is causing it.  I asked for Monday off.  I need a break to try get the headache under control and I need to get away from sitting at the computer all day.  I wish I could take longer, but Jerry will be out of town Monday, so I felt I would at least do that.

 I got my bike! I know I said I got it earlier, but it turned out it was just my basket that was in, not my bike. But it came in last week and I picked it up yesterday. It is so pretty! And it is pretty easy to ride, compared to the last bike I had. I am not having much trouble on the inclines, when before, even though I was in fairly decent shape, I could barely make it. I put Cassie in the basket and we rode around downtown a little this morning. I think he gets a little car sick (he always gets car sick in the car), but he did good. When I get used to riding a little more, I will ride to the Katy Trail and try running him a little bit. I also have to figure out how to attach the bike leash. I am still kind of wobbly. That can't help Cassie's sickness.  The sickness wears him out.

The bike is one more step toward the lifestyle I want.  I want to be active while doing things that are fun.  I did enjoy my ride this morning.  I felt kind of self-conscious, but once I got going, felt better.  Most people were focusing on Cassie, so that helped.  People would smile and point.  Bethany was riding with him yesterday, and some yelled out, "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!"  Everyone kept calling him "Toto."  I'll get some pictures of me with the bike -- I am pretty bad about not wanting to have my picture taken.

I am trying to speak up more about my needs -- with my kids and with my work.  It's a start, anyway.  Hopefully I am on my way to getting my mind back where it needs to be to make some progress.

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  1. I LOVE YOUR BIKE!!! So shiny - the white flowers really pop against the red...just gorgeous. Great color choice!!!

    Glad you are finding it easy to ride, and Cassie looks so cute in the basket. Yes, we need a picture of you with your bike, for sure!

    Also, it looks like we got a sneak peek into your loft - very nice!


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