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Monday, November 19, 2012

Checking In

I felt like I needed to post just so you wouldn’t think I had dropped off the face of the earth.  Things have been incredibly busy and I have had no time to think about anything much, but work.

My friend and co-worker (who is my backup, and I hers) had to go to the ER weekend before last and was admitted for emergency surgery.  After the surgery, she fell and hit her head and ended up with her heart stopping and having to be revived.  She had gastric bypass three years ago (but still it was quite large, although not nearly as large as she was) and the emergency surgery came from that.  It seems some sort of band was left on her intestine and 3 feet of bowel died.  (I am not sure if that was from some kind of negligence, or just part of the risk of the surgery.)  So it had gotten to the point to where nothing would move through it and she had a blockage (what is it with people I know and intestinal blockages?).  Anyway, from just the surgery, her estimated time to be out was 2-3 weeks.  I don’t know if the fall and resulting blow to her head added any time to that or not.  But she very nearly lost her life.  She also has been working a lot of long hours, and although I don’t know that that had anything to do with what happened to her, it does make you think more seriously about taking care of yourself.

Anyway, not only do I not have any backup right now, I am having to carry her work load.  Fortunately, things have been a little calmer on the case our attorneys work on together, but another case my boss has, has been very busy, so I have been just as busy as always with my own work, plus the little bit added from my friend being gone.  So I have had no time to post.

I haven’t had much time to think about my own health.  Thankfully, the headaches are improved.  I did go to my doctor’s appointment and appointment with the reflexologist Monday.  I knew if I continued down the path I was on the week before, I would be down for a while too.  My spine doctor felt that the headaches were from stress, tension and overwork (as I did too).  She took a neck x-ray to make sure (one of the things that can come from a fusion is the space above or below the fusion can collapse).  Everything looks perfect there.  I knew it felt muscle related.  I also ruled out rebound headaches.  It was tension all the way.

I went to the reflexologist (someone I had known 25 years ago before I even moved to Dallas – we both lived in Lubbock, Texas at the time, and now have reconnected) and the first thing she said was, I can tell you one reason why your head hurts – your left shoulder is about an inch higher than your right, which means you are all out of balance.  This begins in the pelvic region, so she did a little work there, plus in my neck and shoulder area and on my feet (which is a reflexology thing (does wonders!).  It will require more work, but I felt better from that one treatment.  My doctor and Sharon both said I was on the right track with the muscle relaxants and I have been using them regularly through this period of having to work a lot.  I take a half of one when I am working, or I would be laid out on my desk, and a whole one at night.  It does make me tired, though.  But that is a whole heap of a lot better than my head “pounding” all the time.  I was ready to jump out of the window of my office, which is on the 25th floor, the week before.  The only time I could really get away from it was when I was asleep, but then I would wake up with it or it would be back within a few minutes of waking.  I had lost my ability to cope with it.  I know it was from working so many long hours, sitting at the computer for day after day of 12-hour days.  That has improved a little, but I still am having to work a lot.  I need to take some time off soon.  At least this week is just a 3-day week (but I had to work 10 hours yesterday).

My son is realizing his impulsiveness in walking out on his job (even though he hated it and it was causing him so much angst) was probably not such a good idea (I could have told him that, and have in the past).  He has asked a couple of times if he could borrow money for some gas so he could go around putting in applications.  I suggested he come stay with me for a bit – he was going to start looking in Dallas.  He would be right there in the hub of everything, where there is plenty of public transportation and plenty of job opportunities (Texas is still very good about that).  So he is staying with me right now.  I would rather do that than have to keep giving him gas money.  He has been waiting on me hand and foot -- cleaning the loft, cooking me meals, walking my dog, etc.  That has been kind of nice.  I am having to adjust to having to close doors, lol.  I can’t walk around in my short nightgown, and I have to close the door to the bathroom, etc.  I am very glad I got a loft with 2 bathrooms.  It only has one bedroom, but 2 baths.  The living room is quite large and he is sleeping on the couch.  It is obviously just temporary.  But I think it is a lot smarter for him to find a job in Dallas than in Arlington, since he hasn’t been able to get his car running.  He can’t keep using my car forever and Arlington doesn’t have the public transportation system Dallas does.  In Dallas, he can get to most anywhere he needs to go.

Stephanie is looking for a job diligently.  She had three interviews Friday.  Hopefully something will pan out soon.  I need to stop carrying this load for my kids.  I still would have to work long hours, but at least I could spend my money on a trip or vacation, instead of having to support them.  It’s my turn to get to do some fun things.  She did give my loft a good cleaning last week in exchange for my paying some of her bills, and the girls took my dog for a few days when I learned about my co-worker’s situation and having no backup.  I wanted no pressure at home added to what I already have at work.  It did help.  Except then I didn’t have the motivation to get out and walk, but little time for that anyway.

I did take a couple of good bike rides last weekend (not the one that just past, but the one before).  Saturday, I rode to the dog park that is on the outskirts of Downtown Dallas (under the freeway!).  Sunday, I rode to Katy Trail, then rode a ways on Katy Trail, then back home again. I did pretty good and didn’t have too much trouble with the inclines.  I walked the last hill, because by then, I was worn out.  This bike is much better on hills than the one I had before (or else I didn’t know how to do the gears or something).  Just as I was about 2 blocks from home, a cold front blew in.  Brrr, it was kind of cold (for Dallas, Texas).  Not for you guys in the Northeast, I am sure.  We don’t have enough cold here to suit me.  I felt like that weekend I was beginning to live the lifestyle I am working toward as far as having fun and getting exercise at the same time.  I did most of the riding with Cassie in my basket.  On Katy Trial, I took him out and hooked him up to the bike leash and just walked with the bike first.  Then I got on the bike and just walked it that way.  He is kind of scared of it, so I am trying to ease him into running behind it a little.  Then back in the basket and we rode back home.

I know this wasn’t much about diet and fitness, etc., but I wanted to check in and post about my current status.  I really, really, really need my life to settle down.


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