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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Post -- Thank God for the Weekend

Okay, I think I know why I am having more hardware headaches lately.  I remember when I was having them before, I realized that my posture had a lot to do with it.  I have to be very careful to sit up straight and tuck my chin, as opposed to kind of sticking my chin out, which I have a tendency to do when I slump.  Because I have been having the upper back pain, I have been slumping more, so it has been creating this chain reaction.  That means I have to stay really aware of my posture.  And I need to work at keeping the muscles in my middle back more relaxed so it doesn’t tire me out so much to sit up straight.  I may need to start getting some chair massages to help with the upper back issue.

My “bed wedge” came in yesterday, and it did seem to help last night.  Maybe after a few nights, I can get my upper back muscles to settle down and stop spasming and I won’t get any more kinks in that area.

I didn’t have a great eating day yesterday, but at least I wasn’t eating all day long, which I am prone to do when I am stressed.  I am fine with how much I ate, but what I ate could have been a lot better.  I am having to work a lot more OT again (3 nights this week, so far).  I have to start planning ahead for that.  So I need to do some cooking ahead this weekend.  Too tired to cook what I planned when I got home last night, but I did eat a semblance of a meal instead of just snacking.  I had some smoked sausage on some whole wheat bread and had a “hot dog” of sorts.  It tasted good.  Need to eat my veggies though.  I need to prep them for fast cooking.

I walked the dog twice yesterday, but did not last night.  My daughter took him for a short walk last night, so I didn’t try to do that when I got home at near 8:00.  (And yes, this is the daughter who just had surgery.  The doctor told her she did not have to use crutches and she was bored, so she got out and walked him.  But then felt like she overdid.)  I walked him this morning and he was so feisty, it was difficult to make him behave around other dogs.  He has too much pent up energy.

After our short walk, I decided to try the stairs back up to my apartment this morning.  I did the 4 flights of stairs with no problem (it didn’t seem to bother my back or knees, and I really wasn’t as out of breath as I expected). Cassie did them too, and he seemed to be breathing heavier after we got done.  So here is my plan.  In addition to my walks, each time I come in, I am going to climb the stairs to my loft (4 flights).  When I get off too late to take him for his evening walk, I will use the stairs to help drain his energy and for me to get some more exercise too.  And I will use them for just him – I can toss a toy or a treat down and let him retrieve it, all while hooked to my long leash so I can coax him back up if he is being stubborn.  I can drain his energy a lot more this way and he will not be so whiny or feisty with the other dogs.  (Half of the time he is fine with other dogs, and the other half he acts like he wants to rip them to pieces.  I am working on this!  He wouldn’t really attack them.  It’s all show.  Have to work on my energy and being calm and assertive!)

Since I seem to be having trouble with eating right now, I can at least increase the amount of exercise I am getting and counteract it that way.  I know things will settle down and I will get back to eating like I want to, but hopefully this will help.  Cassie keeps me active because he will drive me crazy if he doesn’t get enough exercise.  I guess that is good motivation.  (He really is a sweet dog, but he is energetic and is much better behaved when exercised enough.  I am determined to get him past this behavior around other dogs – he didn’t do this until recently except when being territorial with our other dogs.)

I did not get him walked at lunch after all.  Some other things intervened.  But I will do a long walk tonight (I do not have to work late) and maybe a little work on the stairs.

Eating has not been good today.  Someone brought donuts.  I ate a half of an apple fritter and a half of a cinnamon roll.  I felt bad about those extra calories, so didn’t eat any lunch.  But then had a little more cinnamon roll.  Not good for my blood sugar and insulin resistance, that’s for sure!  I need to do better.  I do plan to make the chicken and broccoli tonight.  Then will watch the Ranger game.  It’s do or die for them tonight in the playoffs, since they blew their lead in the West.

I grow really tired of some things that go on around the office.  If it were not for my boss, I think I probably would have left and gone somewhere else.  And yet, this job has been a real blessing for me.  I have had to work hard, but it got me through the years of getting my kids raised and has provided well for me with all the extra things that go on in my life (like all the medical issues with my daughter).  So I really can’t complain.  Sometimes I just wish other people would leave me out of the drama.  But I am thankful for a good job.  There are many people who cannot say that.

The day is winding to a close, so I will post this and wind up my day.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Thank God for the weekend.

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  1. Try not to be too hard on yourself about your food choices. It's all a process and you will get to a comfy place eventually as long as you keep plugging along and putting one foot in front of the other. I am amazed to find that the foods I once went for aren't even appetizing to me any more. Took awhile to get to that place, but it is possible!


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