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Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove

Yesterday was the first day in quite a while, it seems like, that I had a good eating day, all the way through.  I had tracked my eating up until I left work and I had 16 points left.  I made a “stir-fry” using some boneless pork chops and some frozen stir-fry vegetables and a recipe I had for Schezuan (sp?) chicken.  I adapted it some, because it called for you to coat the chicken in a mixture of egg white and cornstarch and fry it in quite a bit of oil.  I did not do that.  I just sliced the pork into thin strips and sautéed it in a little oil.  Then I took the meat out and sautéed the vegetables, then added the meat back and added the sauce from the recipe.  I had made some rice in my rice cooker the other day, so I had the stir-fry over about a half a cup of rice.  I would have preferred to use brown rice, but white was all I had and I was testing out my rice cooker for the first time the other day (easy!).  I need to buy some brown rice.  Anyway, it was very good, although I will adapt the recipe a little next time (I thought it had a little too much ginger and it was pretty spicy, so I may or may not alter the amount of crushed red pepper).

I ate half of the mixture I made (there were two pork chops) and had an apple after that, and that was all I had last night.  I cannot imagine it had more than 16 points, although I will have to calculate the recipe to find out.  I felt fine about how I ate for the day.

This morning I was leaving my apartment and realized I had not fixed myself any breakfast.  I have been fixing it and eating before I leave every day, and it didn’t occur to me to do that this morning, for some reason.  I stopped at Potbelly and got a Ham, Mushroom, Egg and Swiss Cheese on wheat square (that is the smaller portion of bread), for 10 points.  I had a banana left at work, and had that with it (still 10 points).  I get 38 points a day.  For lunch I will either have some more of the chili I made yesterday or the other half of the stir-fry I made, and I will have the other one of those choices for dinner.

I took Cassie for the same length walk last evening that I did yesterday morning, so got a good bit of walking in (for me).  I took him just around the block this morning, but will walk him at lunch and after work, if I don’t have to work too late.  I am going to try climbing the stairs, at least part of the way up, on at least one of the times I return home.  If that goes okay, I will try to do that more than one time a day until I work up to at least going up the stairs all the time.  Going downstairs really hurts my knees, so I am not going to do that at this point.  I don’t mind being sore in the usual sense, but I do not want to set off flare-ups with my back.

Okay, I have now tracked the recipe for the stir-fry and the rice last night (to the best of my memory, and I am quite sure it is near accurate, especially for the ingredients that have points), and it came out to 12 for the stir-fry and 3 for the rice.  So I was 1 point under my limit last night.

One of the things I am really liking about living alone is that the housekeeping for one is so much easier than the housekeeping for four or five.  Even though I was living with adults, I seem to find it much easier to just pick up after myself (and my dog) than when everyone else was living there.

One thing I do not like about living downtown:  I can walk the 1-1/2 blocks to work, and sometimes up to 5 people will ask me for money.  I hate that!  When I walk Cassie, I purposely do not carry any money so I can honestly say I do not have any.  I would say there ought to be a law against that, but there is a law against it and it still happens all the time.  There are these certain “type” that have newspapers about the homeless they try to sell you “for a donation”.  They are on almost every corner downtown.  I cannot afford to give everyone money and many of them I question what the money will be used for.  Very seldom do I give anybody anything, but every once in a while, someone will catch me at a weak moment.  I am all for helping the poor, but I would prefer to do it in a different way, where I am sure the money is being used to help with their needs and not to buy liquor at the liquor store.  I truly hate this and wish they could enforce it.

It occurs to me that I am overdue for pictures of me.  I will have to have help with those too, so if I think of it at the right time, I will get my daughters to help with that and post some.  I have lost about 20 pounds since the last ones I posted, so I am wondering if you can see the difference.

I feel like I am getting in a good groove, finally.  I didn’t give up!


  1. When I was visiting my best friend in Santa Cruz over the summer, every time we walked downtown we were hit up for money - it was ridiculous. She walks with a "don't eff with me" attitude, which seems to help, but I didn't have that. Still didn't give them any money - not going to fund any drug or alcohol habits, thank you very much.

    1. Maybe that's my problem -- I look too sweet. Maybe I should be walking a Pit Bull or something and they would leave me alone!

  2. I run through my downtown area and once when I was tearing right down our main street this homeless guy saw me coming and ran over to the edge of the road to ask me for money. I was surprised but kept on running and then cracked up when I heard one of the other homeless people say, "Are you crazy? Runners don't carry money!"

    The "regulars" recognize me and I told my husband I think if someone tried to bother me, they would help me!

    1. I tell you, I get at least four or five every day. It gets really old. I need to work on my mean look.


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