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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trying To Use Those Points!

I had to be creative yesterday to fill out my points.  I'm realizing how much I want to fill them with bread products.

For breakfast, I had three eggs, scrambled.  I haven't had eggs in a while and they just sounded good.  That was it.  Just three eggs.  Mid-morning I had some grapes.

For lunch I got creative and made a hash of a small sweet potato (I boiled it until almost tender first), some bacon (without preservatives), onion, bell pepper, garlic and eggs.  It was very good.  With that, I had a banana.  Mid-afternoon I realized I'd better start getting my points in, because I had only had 14 so far.  I had a slice of double fiber bread and a tablespoon of peanut butter.  A little later I had 2 tablespoons of walnuts.  For dinner I made some yummy chicken noodle soup, made with whole wheat cheese tortellini for the noodles.  I put a couple of tablespoons of parmigiano-reggiano on it.  I also had a yogurt bar.  I was still hungry and still had 6 points left, so I had 3/4 cup 1% cottage cheese and a sliced up banana.  I was trying to go for protein more than carbs, and I think succeeded fairly well. That left me with 35 points (3 points less than what I am allowed).  I was good with that.

After I took the Benadryl yesterday, I slept for a while.  My tummy was still a little iffy when I woke up, but at least no more runs to the bathroom.  :)  I mostly caught up on recordings of the Olympics.  I watched the semi-finals of USA vs. China in beach volleyball.  That was an awesome match!  Loved it!

As the day went on, I was feeling more flu-like symptoms (body aches and headaches -- different than usual).  Makes me wonder if the little changes I am making on my eating are causing this.  I know sometimes you experience pain when your body rights itself in different ways.  Or maybe I was just sick.  Then, this morning, I noticed a pain pill on the cabinet.  I had gotten one out, gone to the kitchen for something to drink, and never taken it.  No wonder it wasn't working!

I felt okay this morning.  No more tummy troubles and pain was under better control.  No sign of the knee pain from night before last.  I really think that was from sleeping on my side and putting pressure on the nerve in some way.  I walked my route through the neighborhood this morning, this time with Caspian, my dog, and although it was uncomfortable at times, the pain was bearable and I had no problem getting through it.

On Biz's blog, I posted an August goal of getting 5 workouts per week for the rest of August.  So, either Saturday or Sunday, I need to get up and get a walk in before it gets too hot, if I am to meet that goal.  Or do an extra walk one evening.  I am not sure of the advisability of that, but will not know until I try.  I will probably do one Saturday morning, before I weigh in.  Or I could count housework and packing as a workout -- there will be plenty of that, I am sure.

Today, for breakfast, I had my usual Greek yogurt/Kashi GoLean with sliced up banana.  For lunch, I brought some of the chicken noodle soup, plus some salad with extra grilled chicken strips on it (the soup didn't end up having much meat in it, and I needed more protein).  I am adding avocado to the salad.  I will have some grapes with that.  I brought an afternoon snack of one slice of double fiber wheat bread and 1 tablespoon peanut butter.  I don't have a plan for dinner yet.  Guess I'd better get one....

I have been trying to set up movers for our move, but everything was coming out too expensive.  I found out if I rent a U-Haul truck myself, you can hire moving helpers and they are a lot less expensive than those with their own trucks.  And we can provide extra help to minimize the time they have to spend, if we are able to find friends and family to help.  I want to make this move as stress and strain free as possible, and this seemed the best way, without spending the better part of $1,000 on it.  My son is going to help, and he thinks some of his friends will help.  I am renting the truck for 24 hours, which is the same price as for 10 hours, like they recommend.  That way, if his friends cannot take off work, they can come over the night before and help load as much as they can, and then the hired helpers can finish and then do the unloading.  That should save us some time and money.  And I won't have to worry about straining myself by doing a bunch of lifting I don't need to be doing.  We have two locations we are moving to (my loft and my daughters' apartment), so this was a little more involved than normal.

The ant stings from yesterday were "something else!"  My whole lower forearm swelled up, so much that my wrist joint got sore.  It is still red and swollen, although going down.  That is after taking a couple of doses of Benadryl orally, and putting some topical Benadryl cream on it.  I have been stung too many times and it affects me much more severely than it used to.  I read that you can go into anaphylactic shock from fire ant stings.  Since my symptoms are worsening each time I get stung, I think I will ask my doctor about this at my annual exam.  If I don't take the Benadryl, I often get a pounding heart, feel flushed, have vomited, etc.  It depends on how many times I am stung, but it only takes a few.  I don't want to have an episode where I can't breathe.  At least there will be no yard work when I move to the loft, but I still could be stung at any given time.

Trying to finish up, so I can go home "on time."  Friday, here we come!

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