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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thoughts on Working the Plan

I am frustrated.  My daughter thought she had my pedal tightened up enough on my bike (without buying a tool) so that I could do my workout this morning.  After about five minutes, it was loose again, and I was afraid to keep going for fear of ruining something.  I felt kind of determined to get a workout, so I put on my tennis shoes and headed out the door to walk.  I got down the street and around the corner and decided I just could not do it.  For one thing, all the street lights were out, for some reason, and it felt really dark.  On the stretch of street in that part of our neighborhood, there is a rather vicious dog that I have had an encounter with before.  He is usually behind the fence, but one time was out.  He charged me and I stopped in my tracks and told him to back off.  He stopped and retreated a bit and I started walking again and he charged me again, this time getting about an inch from my legs.  I stopped, told him to back off, he did and I went on.  That was in broad daylight.  I was not anxious for another encounter like that in the dark.  Plus, I could tell that, physically, I was not going to be able to handle the walk.  So I turned around and went home.  I tracked the 5 minutes on the bike and actually earned 1 activity point.  But I am not really celebrating that.  Nothing for the 5 minutes of walking.  I don’t plan to trade my activity points for food at this point.  I am getting plenty of food.  Later, I will probably want to.

Tonight I absolutely will get the tool I need to get the pedal tightened up.  I have to get back to my workouts.

When I move, something like this won’t be such an issue.  The loft community has a fitness center, with a recumbent bike (I looked to make sure), plus I could work out in the pool in warm weather, which in Dallas is virtually all year, lol.

Just tracked my breakfast and lunch – 16 points.  I am having Chick-Fil-A for dinner, as I have to finish my grocery shopping.  Costco last night, regular grocery store tonight.  (At least that means some extra walking.)  I will have a side salad with dressing, a chargrilled sandwich and a yogurt parfait.  That leaves me with 2 points, which I will leave in case I did not measure properly.  I have enough points available that I can have blue cheese dressing instead of the light Italian, like I would usually get.  If I decide I want something else, I could have some Newman’s Own Light Balsamic dressing instead and use those 4 points on something else.

I did great on my water yesterday.  Have to start pushing it for today, since I have only had 32 oz. so far (at Noon).

I so want to reach my goal of 40 pounds lost by the time I move.  Some of that will depend on if the weight comes back off when I get back on my regular BP medicine, and then how well I do from now until the end of the month.  One reason I want to make that goal is that, once I move, I will need to do a lot more walking since that is how I plan to get around living downtown, for the most part.  I am hoping that amount of weight off will make enough difference where I can walk as much as I need to.  Then that extra walking will help me continue on and lose even more.  I am walking better than when I started at the end of April, but I am a little flared up right now from all the lifting related to moving.  Hopefully that will clear up soon after I move.  I will try to ask for more help on moving the boxes when I get them packed.  But I may not have that option when I unpack, since I will be living alone.  I am sure my daughters would come help, but they have their own place to put together.  I will just try to have all the boxes in near the place they will be unpacked so I won’t have to lift the box when it is full.  I am paying a mover this time (first time ever).

It is interesting to me that walking for exercise seems to bother me more than walking around a store, for instance.  Maybe I need to try to slow down for now when I am walking for exercise.  Or maybe I am not noticing it as much in the store, since I am doing something else at the same time.  I know sometimes I have felt like I couldn’t make it through the store, but not the last few weeks.

I got a comment from Helen recommending that I count my fruit.  I know it has always been Michelle’s policy that “you don’t get fat on fruit” and, even before WW instituted the no points fruit thing, she would only count 1 point for fruit, whether it was a big apple or a small apple, for example.  I did some reading on the subject, and according to WW, the calories in the fruit are taken into consideration when deciding how many daily points you are allotted.  But if you eat a tremendous amount of fruit to stuff yourself, then you are probably going to need to count your fruit.  Right now, I am leaving a couple of points “uneaten” most days, to hopefully compensate for any errors in measuring I may have made, and I think this will help in the no points fruit thing too.  I have always lost weight fairly easily if I followed a weight loss plan (although everyone has plateaus, including me).  I think I am going to play this by ear.  If I am not losing as much as I hope, I will count my fruit.  If I am losing by following the plan exactly as it is prescribed, I will not.  With so much to lose right now, I will lose more easily than those who do not have much to lose.  And I get a lot of points.  I don’t foresee using all of the weekly points allotted unless I have a really BIG splurge meal.  That will happen occasionally, but I don’t intend to do that on a regular basis.  I hope this will help me lose at a rate of around 2-1/2 pounds per week.  If I could lose 10 pounds a month for a while, that would be great, and that is my goal.  I will have to do “more” to make that happen as my weight gets lower.  That is the time I will think of other ways to get my 10 pounds per month goal, like increase my activity more and count fruit.  But I will also be having the number of points I am allotted reduced as I lose weight, so that should also help take care of that.  Just thinkin’.

Okay, that’s enough for today.  We are over the hump, and Friday is in sight!  And it’s August!  I move in August!


  1. Wow, your move is right around the corner - woohoo to the next chapter!!!

    1. I am soooo excited. I'm going to look at my unit this weekend, take pictures and measurements. The previous tenants moved out yesterday.


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