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Monday, August 13, 2012

This and That


We found out the problem with Steph.  It seems the problem is at the point where they resectioned her intestine back in December.  There is some kind of stricture there that is not allowing things to flow through.  They will repair it tomorrow (Monday).  I wish they could have done it this weekend, but at least they are not waiting days on end to do it.

I had a good day Saturday, except I came in 5 points under my target.  It was just that I knew anything I could get here, other than more of what I had brought, would not be the best type of food for me, even if I had the points for it.  I have been reading more of Blood Sugar Solution, and I really want to get my insulin levels in line.  So, even if I am not following his plan completely yet, I am trying to make choices that are moving in  that direction.  I didn't want anything with simple carbs, and I didn't want anything with bread.

As I have said, they have very healthy food at this hospital.  I ordered from room service Saturday night and got a grilled chicken breast, sauteed summer squash, steamed carrots and a wheat roll.  I had a fruit cup to go with it.  They charge a flat $10 charge for a family meal, so the girl on the phone was encouraging me to get dessert, etc. so I would get my $10 worth.  I didn't want to do that.  When I got my food, I couldn't tell that there was any fat added to anything, and it was obviously very low sodium, so I sprinkled salt on most everything.  But it was very good.  It was just good, whole, real food.

I could have a splurge meal today (Sunday).  They have really good food at this hospital, and I could order one of their more decadent meals.  Or I could go get me something.  I will have to decide.  It will probably include a dessert, but I will have to decide about that too.  I am not sitting around wishing for something sweet, so should I eat it?  At the same time, when I am, that is not necessarily the time I do want to eat it.  I want to eat it as part of a plan, not because of out-of-control cravings.

Sunday morning I had my usual breakfast of Greek yogurt and Kashi GoLean cereal.  I got some grapes a little while later and couldn't even finish them.  Just wasn't hungry enough.  I will save them a little while until I am hungry for them.

Stephanie slept most of the day Saturday after they finally got her set.  It turned out to be a pretty quiet day, considering.  I would just have rather spent it at home than sitting around a hospital room.

I decided to order in room service for Sunday lunch -- just didn't feel like getting out to pick something up.  I ordered Chicken Fajitas, Tortilla Soup, and Strawberry Crepes for dessert.  They were very good, but not very "splurge-y".  Lol.  The unhealthiest thing about them was the white flour tortillas.  But I couldn't see a speck of extra fat on them.


Stephanie slept pretty much all day Sunday too.  At least she is resting with little enough pain where she can sleep.  It seems better this time than last time.  I think we caught it earlier.  However, they did say it was a "big" obstruction.  The surgeon talking to us yesterday (who I think was a partner of Stephanie's surgeon) seemed apologetic when explaining to us what the problem is.  Like something wasn't done quite right when Steph had the surgery last December.  She said a 25-year-old should not be having these problems.  The surgery is supposed to occur sometime today, but I don't know any details.  I got up and came on to work to get as much done as I can before I have to leave.  My boss will be out of town tomorrow and he wanted to get as much done as possible today.

I used some extra points yesterday, but I didn't feel great about it.  Not because I wasn't supposed to do it, but because I didn't get the most enjoyment possible out of my extra points.  If I am going to "spend" them, and I want it to satisfy me and feel worth it.  It did not yesterday.  But I am still on track as far as being able to lose weight.

I feel a little struggle today.  I want to feed my sugar cravings.  Interestingly, I have not been having that many sugar cravings lately, so the fact that I am having them now, when stress is up, shows me that is a big trigger.  I don’t mind having sugar every once in a while, if it is part of my plan and done in a controlled way.  But I do not want to feed them when it is a part of emotional eating.  So, I need to just stick with what I know to do and not compromise.

I had already written this, and then I read Shelley’s blog today.  Yes!  That’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.

I did not have opportunity to prepare anything for lunch, and there did not end up being any time to go downstairs and get anything, so I had some more yogurt and cereal.  I will pick up something on my way to the hospital for Stephanie’s surgery, which is at 4:00 p.m.

In reading more of Blood Sugar Solution, I see myself a lot, but I see Stephanie even more.  I think she would benefit from following the plan outlined in this book.  However, I don’t know if she is ready to do something that drastic.  I hope that I will start feeling so much better after implementing these principles, that she will be motivated to do the same.  She has had so many physical problems in her life and I think a lot of it is that her system is so out of balance.  This is very motivating to me to do this, not only for me, but for her.  The idea of having a lot of energy, plus having so much less pain, sounds heavenly.  I know I will still have the structural back problems, but I have a feeling that taking care of some of the chronic pain from fibromyalgia will do a lot of good.  I can stand aches and pains.  It is when they are all consuming, all day long, that I get discouraged.  And I think this will decrease if I get to the root of the problem.

Okay, I am going to get this posted before I head back to the hospital.  Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. I'm glad my post helped, and I'm glad to hear that they know what is wrong with Stephanie. Hopefully this will be her last surgery and she will finally be better!

  2. Very glad they found out what was wrong with Stephanie! Shelley had some great points in that post for sure.


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