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Monday, August 6, 2012

Just Stuff - Monday, August 6, 2012

I did not even try to get on the bike this morning, but I did take a walk.  I was able to walk 27 minutes (that just happened to be the elapsed time when I got home – I didn’t plan on 27 minutes).  :)  I counted it as slow walking (<3 mph), which earned me 2 activity points.  I like the bike riding better, because I earn more points that way, but I am doing what I can do until it gets fixed.  The repair guy is supposed to come by Saturday.  He could come earlier, but I can never depend on when I will get off, and everyone gets back to the house kind of late after a work day.  He said it could take from 2-3 weeks for the part to come in.  I can’t wait that long, so walking it is.  By the time it gets fixed, I will probably be moved.

Was I in pain when I was walking?  Yes.  But it was not unbearable and not as much radiating pain as in the past.  Uncomfortable, yes, but doable if it doesn’t get any worse.  Thank goodness I didn’t overdo this weekend.  That gives me more confidence that I will be able to walk around downtown some when I get moved.  This will be a whole new lifestyle – doing most everything on foot.

I do feel more tired after the walk than I normally do after the bike ride.  I think it is probably more strenuous for me than I am counting, because of the pain factor, but I would rather not count enough than count too much.  I am not going to “eat my points” anyway.

The book I am reading, Blood Sugar Solution, is very good.  I still am only in Chapter 3, but it makes so much sense.  I know generally what I will need to do, but not specifically, so will wait until I read that far into the book.  In the meantime, I will try to make good choices.  I will have to be very strict for a period of time when I get started.  Then I can add back in some things (like dairy, gluten, etc.) to see how I feel (to determine if I have some allergies going on, etc.).  I sincerely hope I do not have to give up gluten or dairy, but I may.  I am so tired all the time and I would love to have some genuine energy.  I guess when I go on the strict part of what he recommends, I will do the Simply Filling technique on WW.  And I still plan to have a splurge meal every week.  If I am doing what I need to do (as far as what type of food I eat) 90% of the time, that should improve my health immensely.  Based on what he says in the book, I am probably very close to being diabetic, and really am in the strict sense, even if my glucose is less than 125.  He says what is really more important to determine is how much insulin is in your system, rather than how high your blood sugar is.  I will ask for certain tests when I get my annual physical to test that.  It is going to be difficult, but worth it.  He does begin adding in some things to your diet, unless you find you are feeling worse when you begin to eat them.  And you can have them every once in a while, like I was saying above.  “Everything in moderation.”

I probably would not think about doing this strict of a thing if I was not feeling so rough.  I would like to think I will be doing much better just eating as clean as possible 90% of the time and getting exercise, once I get more weight off.  Maybe that will be the case.  But right now, if it’s not the pain from the back problems, it’s the fibromyalgia pain, the chronic headaches, and the constant lack of energy.  I just need some answers and to feel better.  This is not the way I want to live my life.

I’m behind on reading blogs – too much to do the last couple of days.  My boss has already gone for the day, but I have to stay a while because my daughter has to go somewhere before she can pick me up.

Steph is still not feeling very well and she is frustrated by the lack of answers and seemed lack of caring/action by her doctors.  We are trying to decide what to do.

Beautiful Bethany

Bethany is looking amazing.  She has not lost 36 pounds and is looking pretty slim.  It’s hard for me to believe she weighs as much as she does by looking at this picture.

We had a flat tire this morning when we went outside to leave for work.  My daughter has ride-flat tires -- you can drive on them a short distance to the repair place, so that’s what we did.  Anyway, I was late for work and so I just had a protein bar and a banana for breakfast.  That was only 5 points.  Then I had rotisserie chicken (no skin), sweet potato “fries”, steamed broccoli and watermelon for lunch.  Consequently, I have only used 12 points so far today.  I am down to 38 points per day, after the big weight loss last week, but that still leaves me with 26!  I think I will have one of my gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, which is a little more “expensive”.  Maybe a good salad to go with that.  Hopefully my sister and brother-in-law finished up the key lime tart before they left my house.  If not, I will put it in the freezer for another time (unless one of the girls eats it, which they don’t need to).  I do not feel tempted to eat it.  It was very good, but very sweet!

I have been thinking that after I move, I would like to try to start dating again.  I wish I could just meet a guy without going the online dating route.  Maybe I will meet someone around our loft community.  That is one reason I am excited about living there – a chance to meet people and make friends outside of work.  I also need to decide on a church I want to attend and that would be another place to meet people.  I have tried online dating and I met a guy I really liked, but that one didn’t work out.  I am not really excited about the whole process, though.  I would rather meet someone “naturally” or by introduction, but it is difficult to do that these days.  But I did have a good time, and I didn’t seem to have trouble getting dates.  That surprised me, to tell you the truth.  I would just like to meet THE one.  Someone who actually loved me for who I am.  I’m not sure I have experienced that in my life yet.

Guess I’ll get this posted.  I need to get going on a project for my boss for a little while before my daughter gets here.

I am updating this to get the time sequence back in order.  I didn't know when you correct something it puts it back at the top.

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