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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Going Home or Not Going Home?


Kind of feel like crying today.  Nothing new going on, just the build-up of everything, I guess.

Stephanie seemed a lot better last night and the doctor said he thought she would probably go home today.  However, when I got to the hospital this morning, she didn’t seem to be doing very well.  She had gone all night without pain medicine, since she finally slept for a while (it’s very hard to sleep in hospitals).  They don’t wake you up to give you pain meds – you have to ask for them.  But when you go too long without any, and you need them, it is much harder to get on top of the pain again.  She also said her stomach was not feeling very well; kind of akin to the way it felt before this started up again on Friday.

Part of the problem is that her system is not running smoothly.  I think when she is finally able to go to the bathroom, she will feel better.  That hasn’t happened yet (sorry for the TMI).  She doesn’t feel like eating much because her stomach feels so bloated and full.

What kind of set it off for me this morning:  I stopped by On the Border last night to get Stephanie some dinner (she wanted Chicken Tortilla Soup and some queso and tortillas).  She didn’t eat very much of it and we put it in the refrigerator, marked with her name, room number and date, per instructions.  I went out of my way to get this for her.  Then, after I got to the hospital last night, she wanted some drinks that I could not get at the hospital, so I left the hospital, went and got her drinks, and then back.  That’s a lot of time and effort, considering.  She drank a little of one drink and we put the rest in the refrigerator with her food.  I went to the refrigerator this morning to get her one of her drinks and that refrigerator was spiffy clean.  Nothing was in there.  We asked about it and they said the night supervisor ordered that anything in there that did not have a date on it be thrown out.  As I said, we had her name, room number and date on it, per instructions.  We were a little miffed.  I know that was not a big deal, but given everything else, that was a substantial chunk of my time and energy, not to mention money.  I was not happy about it, and neither was Steph.  You look forward to the little things when you spend days on end in the hospital.  Update on this is they gave us $10 in “Baylor Bucks” to spend at the gift shop or the cafeteria.  Guess that’s better than nothing, but still irritating.

I am so ready to go home.  I am getting a decent amount of sleep in the hotel, but I am dog tired.  It’s just not like being home.  All this time away from home takes its toll on me.  I hope she gets to go home today, but I don’t know.  She didn’t feel very well this morning.

I have done a good job of staying away from bread all week.  Last night I had some Chicken Tortilla soup from On the Border, with a side of black beans.  Even though I had the same type of soup for lunch, it still tasted wonderful (OTB’s is really good).  I had 5 points left, so got the black beans to go with it.

Weigh-in is tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see how I did on the scale this week, having not weighed all week.  The pants I had on yesterday (although pretty stretched out, I am sure), were hanging on me.  Too big.

Very tried.  Still drinking SF Red Bulls.  I will deal with that when I get past this rough patch.  That may be a cop-out, but I am doing good in every other way (except exercise; just no opportunity for that right now, although I am doing more walking than normal, going in and out of the hospital to the parking garage and at the hotel).

For breakfast this morning, I had my usual Greek yogurt and cereal, with sliced strawberries. I am going to switch over to a different breakfast most of the time, but I needed to use what I had. I want to go with less dairy for now, and see how it goes. The only thing I am not quite ready to give up is cheese. I wanted to have one of those yummy omelets like I had yesterday, but I decided I should finish the yogurt I had. I can have that tomorrow (hopefully I can make me one at home).

For lunch, I had another salad from Tom Thumb (same as Wednesday).  This time I used only Newman’s Own Light Balsamic Vinaigrette, and not any of the dressing that came with it.  (I realized I have been confusing how much dressing is in an ounce.  I had been counting a tablespoon as an ounce, but 2 tablespoons makes an ounce, right?  And me, supposedly the math whiz around here.  Anyway, at least that went in my favor.)  I had 1-1/2 oz. of dressing, and added 1/4 of an avocado, so the salad came out to 11 points.  With that I had some grapes and I was full.  Probably will need to eat some protein this afternoon.  I was surprised I was satisfied with that.

I may have to work pretty late tonight.  I am trying to get it all arranged with Stephanie possibly going home sometime later.  Hopefully, they will wait until later and Bethany can take her home.  Someone in the office is on a roll (not in a good way) and I don’t want to make any waves.  My backup is more stressed and beat down than I am, so I cannot ask her to work for me.  I am worried about her – she is having stress symptoms beyond ordinary.  I just have to make it work.  If it becomes a problem, I will let my boss know, but otherwise, I will just try to get it worked out.  I can use the OT for moving, that’s for sure.

I had some leftover soup from Tom Thumb, so I had that for dinner.  It was only 4 points, so I added 1/2 of an avocado and diced up a mini Babybel light and put that in there.  (These are things I had with me at work.)  That still left me with 7 points.  I got off at 9:15 and still had those left.

The doctor decided to keep Stephanie one more night, so it was back to the hospital after work.

I left work and it started raining.  Before I got to the hospital, it started hailing pretty bad.  That was scary!  I was trying to find cover so the car would not be damaged, but it took a little while.  Fortunately there was no damage.  I stopped at 7-Eleven, wondering what in the world I could get that would use some of those 7 points that was halfway healthy.  I got some Chobani Greek yogurt and a banana.  That used 3 points and I left it at that.

I slept in the hospital room and woke up freezing this morning.


So now I am still at the hospital, waiting on the doctor to come release Stephanie.  We were told it would be first thing in the morning.  I want to go home!!!!  I was so cold, I woke up shivering.  I looked at the thermostat, and Stephanie had it turned all the way down!  And she is still sweating (and sign of healing, I am sure).

For breakfast, I went and got one of those omelets from a couple of mornings ago.  It wasn't quite as good this time -- the guy didn't take long enough cooking the veggies.  But it was good.  I had that with some cantaloupe (just a little).  Later in the morning, I had a banana.  Hopefully that will be it for my hospital food.  All in all, I think I have done really well for 8 days in the hospital, juggling that with work.  I haven't been home since last Saturday morning and I am missing my doggie terribly.

I couldn't weigh in this morning, so will do that tomorrow.

That's where things stand this morning.  Just waiting on the doctor to come release Stephanie so we can go home, and am watching the Food Network in the meantime.  (That's a little dangerous, sometimes.)

Have a great weekend!

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