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Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy Weekend - Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's been a busy weekend.  Some work on the house, spending time with my sister and brother-in-law, going out for lunch today, and going to the loft.

I forgot to take the tape measure to the loft!  So although I have a much better idea of the size, I don't have exact measurements.  It is a little smaller than I pictured, but still plenty of room for me.  The one thing I am disappointed with is that I thought there was a big garden tub in the master bathroom.  There is not -- only a big shower.  There is a bathtub in the other bathroom, but not a garden tub.  Makes it harder for me, as big as I am now, to take a good soaking bath.   But there is a hot tub on the patio and I can make use of that when I want to soak the kinks out.  It is kind of secluded, which is good.  And I can still take a bath, at least.  When my back gets better, maybe I will become more fond of showers.  Right now, my back starts to hurt when standing, which is not very relaxing.

The master closet is a little smaller than I hoped -- only in that I will have to change the way I was going to arrange it.  It is still plenty big for a closet.  I will have to change where I put my shoe cubbies, or only stack two and move one to another place in the closet.  Still fine.

Otherwise, it is everything I hoped for.  I love the windows in the living area.  They have big window sills on them and I am sure Cassie will be sitting in the window a lot and looking at the action outside (and hopefully NOT  barking).  But the manager said this particular building is very sound "proof".  He said if I got a gate to keep him out of the hall, no one would even hear him when he barked.  And otherwise, they would only hear him a little when he was at the door.  So I will probably get a gate at some point.  The bedroom is set back away from the exterior wall, so it will be secluded from outside noise.

My BIL has gotten a lot of work done around the house and it is looking very good.  I think the landlord will be pleasantly surprised at its condition.  Better than many renters, I am sure.  I hope to get most of my deposit back, which will be tidy little sum to put in savings.  I am trying to build up a very healthy savings account in case something unexpected happens.  Just trying to be wise.

I may try to walk some in the morning.  I am hurting when I first get up, but after I get going a little it is not too bad.  My back will be hurting during the walk, but hopefully the radiating pain will not be too bad.  Otherwise, I will just have to do the bike, getting on and off to tighten the bolt.  It is under warranty and I contacted the manufacturer Friday.  Someone is supposed to come fix it in 3-5 business days, so hopefully some day this week it will be fixed.

I never had my splurge yesterday, but I did use 11 of my weekly points.  Today, we went to Twisted Root Burger Company for lunch (they have burgers to die for).  My sister and I shared a burger and some onion rings.  I also made a key lime tart (finally).  I wanted to make something special for my  BIL as part of my thanks.  He loved it and it was so good!  I only had one piece and that was fine.  It was very sweet (and tart at the same time).  Delicious!  I used 27 of my weekly points today.  That felt so naughty, but I still have 21 points left.  And I can do this every week?!  I probably won't use them all -- part of that cushion in case not counting fruit is detrimental.  For breakfast today, I had a breakfast sandwich my daughter made -- just a whole wheat English muffin, a piece of turkey sausage and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese.  I had some watermelon with that.  I had some watermelon after lunch today - the half burger (they are not huge) and onion rings did not make me quite full.  For dinner I made one of my gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  Mix in a little more fruit, yogurt bars, and that was my day in eating.

No formal exercise this weekend, but plenty of housework and packing, etc.  I'm tired.

I am struggling with a headache tonight and am sleepy, so will be going off to bed soon.  Tomorrow starts a usual, busy week.

Have a great week!


  1. I always consider housework exercise! Hope you have a great day!

    1. As a matter of fact, my Body Media Fit armband said I burned more calories that day than I have yet!


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