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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bad News

Stephanie went back to work today…and they fired her.

Funny, now that it actually happened, it didn’t hit me nearly so hard as the stress I was feeling when I was afraid it would happen.  I had already talked to myself and made myself see that the worst thing that could happen is that the girls would have to come live with me temporarily at the loft.  So far, that is not the plan.  She got a small severance and has an insurance check coming.  And she will file for unemployment.  She already has a few irons in the fire, including the possibility of another receptionist job at another law firm, and this firm wants someone who wants to move up to Legal Assistant at some point, which is what Stephanie always wanted.  She trained to be a Legal Assistant, and although she had a ways to go to get her skills to the point where she could function in that role, that is what she ultimately wanted to do.  The firm is near where she is moving to, and would be great.  And hopefully she would not be so bored as she was at the firm where she was.  There is also the possibility of temporary work.

She has a couple of other irons in the fire too, including a position at a bank (albeit part time, for the time being, but better than nothing) and a part-time nanny position (perhaps she could combine those two until the bank position became full time).  She is also getting in her resume with recruiters.  Supposedly the legal industry is crying out for young people – most young people these days aspire to be lawyers, not legal assistants, so we are kind of an aging breed.  But it is a great profession and it pays well in Dallas when you get a little experience under your belt.

I did not have a great weekend food-wise.  It’s not like a binged, but was not focused.  However, I am sure I burned a lot more calories than usual, so hopefully did not do much damage.  I never got around to my official weigh-in.  I haven’t been very focused yet today, either.  Nothing horrible – I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, but not as much as I usually have, and I got hungry.  I went downstairs and got a protein bar.  For lunch I had some cheese and crackers and fruit (more crackers than I should have).  That doesn’t sound so bad, now that I write it down.  The news this morning kind of threw me for a loop, temporarily, and I was pressed for time and did not eat enough breakfast.  At least when I am not focused, I do not gorge on sweets like I used to.  I just cannot bring myself to do that anymore.  I guess that’s a breakthrough.

I am extremely tired.  I had the garage sale Saturday.  I made a little money, but not as much as I hoped.  However, none of the big items sold.  So I am advertising them on Craig’s List, and if they sell, then I will have made more money than I thought I might.  Plus I sold the refrigerator, so that made up for it all, anyway.  I am glad it is behind me.  Now we just need to load up the things that didn’t sell and either have someone come pick them up, or take them to Good Will or someplace like that.  Some stuff has already been dropped off by my sister-in-law, who came to help me out Saturday.

The rest of the weekend I worked on packing and cleaning.  It seems like I still have a lot to do.  I have tonight, tomorrow morning and evening and all day Wednesday, to get it done.  If my body will just hold out.  I was in a lot of pain while standing up, a lot of the time.  I had to sit down and rest frequently.

It is hard to believe that in three days, what I have been planning for so long is going to happen.

As the day wears on, I am having trouble not having a pity party.  It does no good, so there is no reason to do it.  But I am feeling pretty beat up on.  The thing that worries me the most is that Steph will not have insurance.  I just wish this place had given her more notice, with that in mind.  Of course, we can purchase COBRA insurance, but that is going to wipe me out pretty quick.  But I think letting it lapse would be disastrous.

Since I am feeling this way, it makes me react to things I wouldn’t normally react to – like my friend at work has been really quiet today.  It makes me feel like she is mad at me.  Honestly, I know she is not, but that’s the way I feel.

We should be winding up soon, so I can go home and get some more work done.  All I can do is keep plodding along.  Things have to improve sometime.  I will not let it beat me.  Lord, help me.

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  1. Things do have to improve and they will.

    "Everything is going to be all right. Maybe not today but eventually."

    My blogger friend Roz gave that to me and I printed it out and put it on my computer at work. I look at it several times a day. It's true.


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