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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to My "Foodie" Self

Well, my workout this morning was interesting.  But at least I had one.  I got a tool to tighten up the bolt on my recumbent bike.  I pedal along for a couple of minutes and it is as loose as it was before.  I was determined to get a workout, so I got off, tightened up the bolt, got back on, pedaled a couple of minutes, got off, tightened the bolt, etc., etc.  I figured I was getting exercise by getting on and off the bike and tightening the bolt, so I might as well keep on going.  The bike is under warranty, so I will contact the manufacturer and have it fixed or replaced.  I need that bike (and paid a pretty penny for it)!  In the meantime, I guess I will keep up this routine.  It is certainly better than no workout at all.  The timer on my bike stops after 10 seconds of no pedaling.  It took more than 10 seconds to get off, tighten, and get started again.  I “rode” for 30 minutes, but the whole process took longer than that.  I will start a little earlier tomorrow morning.  That earned me 5 activity points!  :)  I categorized it as “slow” on the stationary bike when recording it, although when I was pedaling, I was going 12 mph.  I just didn’t want to “over-count” it.  That gives me 6 activity points so far this week.

I got my BP medicine last night and am already down about 4 pounds.  That did it, plus the extra water I have been drinking (and eating right).  But last night, before I took the medicine, after drinking 3 32-oz. bottles of water so far that day, my feet were still puffy when I took off my shoes.  I had to get up three times during the night last night!

I ended up eating a different dinner than planned last night.  I made one of my “gourmet” grilled cheese sandwiches.  I took a large slice of cracked wheat sourdough bread (I bought it at Sprouts), cut it in half, spread it with 2 tablespoons of pesto and 2 oz. of fresh mozzarella.  I didn’t have my food scale, so I am pretty sure I over-estimated on the amount of cheese, and possibly the bread, but better safe than sorry.  I grilled that on a non-stick griddle with cooking spray.  That sandwich cost me 14 points, but it was so worth it!  The bread was a kind of round loaf, cut in 12 slices.  I took one of the middle slices and cut it in half.  The nutrition information said there were 12 servings in a package, but obviously the middle slices were bigger than the end slices, so I counted the bread as 1-1/2 servings.  I doubt it was quite that much, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t underestimate it.  The mozzarella is the fresh kind that is wetter and gooier than the usual kind you get at the grocery store (and strings out when you take a bite!).  The sandwich was so good!  Worth the high points value and very satisfying.  Then I had a Yasso greek yogurt bar and a peach.  I still had 7 points left after that, so I used 5 to eat a double fiber piece of bread (only 1 point that way) and 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter.  I felt like I was feasting.

I think it is better, at least part of the time, to eat less volume, but really good, tasty food.  Of course, you have to pay attention to your hunger and if that is not going to fill you up, you should go for the lower points food, but sometimes you just need the “real” stuff.  I tried to make it as healthy as possible – whole grain bread, fresh ingredients – but not typical low fat “diet” food.  I think I stay more interested that way.

For lunch I am having some rotisserie chicken breast, without the skin, some sweet potato “fries” (I am having those a lot, but I have a bag of them at work and can only have 12 fries per serving, so it will last a while; after I finish it, I am only going to make them from fresh sweet potatoes), and some steamed broccoli.  A peach for dessert.  (I love summer fruit!)

If I get home on time (my boss is back today), I am making a Rachael Ray chili recipe.  It will be pretty healthy, since it has lean ground beef, black beans, and the flavor profile is made from reconstituted (from dried) chili peppers.  It has an avocado sour cream topping, which I may or may not make.  If I do, it will be with reduced fat sour cream.  Just some avocado on it would be really good!  We will see how the points add up.  I will have to enter the recipe on the recipe builder on the WW website.

At the grocery store last night (Wal-Mart), I found tomato paste in a tube for the first time.  I see this all the time on cooking shows, but have not been able to find it except in a specialty store or online.  It makes so much sense, since you rarely use a whole can of tomato paste in a recipe.

I am getting back to being my “foodie” self, which means I am feeling better.  I really enjoy cooking when I have time and am not struggling with so much pain.  It seems like a lot of the really “foodie” recipes are made from fresh, healthy ingredients.  It is the convenience stuff you have to watch out for.  Of course, I can’t put fresh cream in everything, but I am also finding adapted recipes for those kinds of things.  For instance, I found a recipe from Rocco Dispirito for Fettuccine Alfredo.  It is made with whole wheat pasta, of course, and uses Greek yogurt.  I am going to try it in the next few days.

When I get moved, I plan to get me an indoor herb garden going.  I like using fresh herbs, but don’t like the cost of buying them all the time, and half the time they end up going bad.  Think I will look on Pinterest for some ideas.  I could start now, but don’t want to spend the money for it until after I am moved.  I have lots of windows in my loft, so plenty of sunlight for my herbs!

Speaking of which (and I may have said this in an earlier post), I am going to visit my loft this weekend, take some pictures and measurements.  I’m wishing I was already there because of the situation with my exercise bike.

If you can’t tell, I am feeling pretty upbeat today.  I actually have a little energy.

One last thing…if you google it, you will find there is a standoff taking place right now in Big Lake, Texas (a little town in west Texas of around 3,300 people or so).  A gunman shot and killed a police officer last night and is holed up in a house, where a SWAT team is this minute going in to get him.  The officer was shot in my sister’s next-door neighbor’s yard, and the gunman is holed up in a house across the street from her house.  I am getting play by play action, since my sister and her husband are watching from the window of their home.  I am praying all will be safe and this ends without any further loss of life.  Of course, I am concerned for my sister and brother-in-law, since gun shots are being heard.

That’s all for today.  Friday, here we come!!!


  1. Wow, that's awful about the standoff.

    Hope the bike is fixed pronto - good thing it's still under warranty. Your gourmet grilled cheese sandwich sounds so good...filing that one away for future reference!

    1. Thank Tyler Florence for that one, but I "healthied" it up a little. :) Definitely delicious and very easy too. You might want to melt the cheese in the microwave a little before putting it on the bread, or cover the sandwich with a metal bowl or something to hold in the heat on the griddle to better melt the cheese. I tried to use thin slices -- his were about a half-inch thick!

  2. I need to try that sandwich in my pannini press! I totally totally agree with you that sometimes it's way better to have a smaller amount of a really delicious food.

    I hope the bike people respond immediately because that has to be completely annoying. But yay you! You did not let it stop you.


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