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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Please don't be mad at me if you are someone who has trouble making the pounds disappear on the scale.  Even though I did not have a good week, very inconsistent, and at times pretty bad, I lost 4.2 pounds this week.  You have to remember, I am a big girl and I am sure it takes a lot more calories to maintain my weight than I realize.

Regardless of why it happened, I will take it!

I did a workout this morning.  It is amazing how much easier it is to get up and do one when I haven't worked until midnight the night before.  But that is my life right now and I am going to have to make it work if I really want this change in my life.  And I do!

This unexpected weight loss was the boost I needed to get some of my focus back.

I have been in quite a bit of pain the last couple of days and I know a lot of it is that I haven't been moving enough.  I will feel better as I get back to regular workouts.  Not only do they help my bodily aches and pains, but I am pretty sure they help my chronic headaches too.

Okay, I am going to get up and do some stuff and the plan is to get another workout this evening.

Have a great Saturday!

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