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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Book, Etc.

I think I have an idea of why my weight jumped up so much.  It also may explain why my weight was better than expected when I had been eating more than I should.  I had not been taking my blood pressure medicine for quite a while, and decided I needed to do that a few weeks ago.  I still had some, so I got back into the habit of taking one every morning.  My BP medicine has a diuretic in it.  Then, about a week ago, I ran out and I still have not picked up the prescription.  I had some other left over that did not have the added diuretic, and I have been taking that until I get my other one picked up.  Water weighs a lot, and I think the whole thing has to do with fluid retention.  I bet when I get back on the other medicine, it will drop again.

But that means, I have not been making any real progress on losing fat in a few weeks.  So, it is time to buckle down.

I ate as planned last night and tracked it.  I came in at 38 points. I guess up until dinner, I had been eating foods that were less points per volume (points were 19 until dinner).  Based on that, I was afraid I was going to have trouble eating 39 points a day.  But what I ate last night was more “expensive,” so it brought the points right on up there.

I was low on groceries today (today is payday), so I had a Clif Bar this morning.  My mistake was I got a Clif Energy Bar, instead of a protein bar.  It counted 7 points, but only had 9 grams of protein.  I also had a banana, which was zero points.  32 oz. of water so far.  My goal is to drink 4 32-oz. bottles today.  I have heard/read conflicting information about how much water you should drink.  Some say you should drink half of your body weight in ounces.  Others say you do not need that much.  128 oz. is not quite half my body weight, but right on up there.  Surely that will be enough?  I am already having to…just, a minute – I’ll be right back!  Lol.

I received the book I ordered, Blood Sugar Solution.  I read just a little when I opened it and a chapter during lunch, and I can tell it will “require” pretty drastic changes.  I will have to decide if I feel able to do everything recommended.  However, given the state of my health the last few years, how can I refuse to do what I need to do to feel better?  One thing it says is to get off all sugars – natural or artificial.  The only input I have on that is that one period of my life where I was able to lose most of the weight I needed to lose and keep it off for a period of time, I quit eating sweets.  When I eat sweets, I crave sweets.  When I quit eating sweets, after a week or two, I stopped craving them.  I became accustomed to saying no and it did not bother me.  However, I did not worry about incidental sugars, like in most prepared mixes, or ketchup, or anything like that.  I just did not eat sweets.  I did drink diet drinks at the time.  I no longer drink diet drinks (except for SF Red Bulls right now, darn it).  Anyway, during this time, I lost down to 135 pounds, which for me is quite trim.  I was 5’7” tall.  My exercise was to walk, and I walked quite a bit.  So, I do know not eating sweets is a good thing.  I stayed off of sweets for three years and, like a dummy, let someone talk me into eating baked goods with honey in them.  I knew better.  And sure enough, it wasn’t long until I was addicted again.  And I slowly gained weight and got bigger and bigger.  I do seem to be able to control it better than I used to, but still, if I binge, it is always sweet.  I did notice his recipes had a little raw honey, so maybe he adds that back after you stabilize.

This book goes a lot further than no sweets.  He recommends no gluten or dairy if you find you are having a bad reaction to either.  But my health is not good.  Not only am I having the back problems, but I have chronic pain in general, and chronic fatigue.  I do not have diabetes, but I am insulin resistant and at one point was told I was pre-diabetic (my blood sugar level went back down after that).  I have high blood pressure.  As far as I know, that is the only heart-related problem I am having, but that is not good.  I believe I have chronic inflammation and I have chronic headaches.  I often have a Vitamin D deficiency and have to take a high powered supplement to get my levels back up when they fall too low.  I suspect that these things are taking a greater toll that I know and I will be having some life-threatening health issues in the near future if I do not make some changes.  So, I am going to read the book and go from there.  Until then, I will use Weight Watchers to keep what I eat under control and I will lose weight for a time.  But I feel sure I will lose to a certain point and then have difficulty.  And I am going to eat as few processed foods as I can.  He says stay away from any foods that have more than five things listed on the ingredients.

I just know I am ready to feel better.  It has been many years, if ever, since I have REALLY enjoyed life.  My weight has crippled me for 90% of my life.  That is not good.

Lunch today was a sandwich with 2 ounces of the raspberry chipotle chicken, a slice of pepper jack cheese, ¼ avocado, with spinach leaves, sliced onion and green pepper.  I put about a teaspoon of Newman’s Own Light Balsamic dressing on it.  With it I had a serving of sweet potato “fries,” and some grapes.  For snack I had some Greek yogurt (honey vanilla).

Tonight I am doing some grocery shopping, so I am not sure what it is on the menu.  Something quick, but healthy.  I need to decide on that ahead of time.  Maybe we will pick up some tacos at Chipotle.  I am going to try to buy less this time to cut down on vegetable spoilage.  We will have to go again before next paycheck, I am betting.  Next paycheck will be the last time I have to buy groceries for everyone.  :)  When I am shopping for just me, I am going to try to go more organic.  I just cannot afford to do it for all of us (more than I already do).  I feel bad about that, but it is so expensive.  It is expensive enough just buying fresh fruit and vegetables for all of us.  Anyone who says it is less expensive to eat healthy doesn’t live in my house.  Everyone is trying to trim down and be healthier.

I don’t grill much (it’s so hot!), but I would like to do more.  One thing about the loft is I will not have a patio.  The only way for me to grill is to use the cabana on the community patio.  I hope I will get out there and do that sometimes, just for me.  I guess I will have to make use of the grill pan for the most part.  I thought of that because I found a yummy sounding recipe that looks very healthy (Pork Souvlaki Salad with Black Pepper Tzatziki).  I’ll let you know how it turns out (I will make it sometime in the next few days, probably the weekend).

Off I go!


  1. I just need to say this to you: COUNT YOUR FRUIT. The non-counting of fruit is the biggest annoyance I have with the 'new' WW program. Honestly Sheryl, a medium sized banana has around 100 calories. How can they say that is 0 points? Also, just about everyone I know who stalls gets going again when they count their fruit. Just my .02!

  2. Thanks for that. I confess I had wondered about that. I know one other blogger has always said she would count 1 point no matter how big her apple was, etc. As she put it, "I didn't get fat from eating fruit." I am leaving a couple of points unused every day and hoping that also will take care of things like that -- like estimating something wrong if you didn't measure exactly. But if I eat very much fruit, I will count it. And if I am not losing like I hope, I will count it. I don't have the tools to know what to count it, but at least a point or two, I would think.

  3. I used to drink well over 100 oz a day - it helped stave off hunger when I was trying to lose weight. Now I'm probably around 50-75 oz. Still a lot, but hello Texas summers, right? ;)

    And I'm the same way with sweets - the less of them I eat, the more I don't crave them.


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