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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weigh In Day

Just a quick post to share my weigh-in results.  I lost 2.8 this week!  Yay!  Before my stumble, I wasn't sure I was going to lose anything.  Just goes to show if you follow your plan the majority of the time, you can still get results.  It doesn't require absolute perfection all the time.

Got my first workout for the weekend done.  (It seemed like a long time since I had been on the bike, but it was just Thursday morning.)  I did another "hills" workout (beginner).  I was able to do the workout with no problems and rode 6.73 miles.  Not too shabby!  I may try to walk tonight for my workout, but I was in a little more pain yesterday after Thursday evening's walk.  I will see what my pain level is as the day progresses.  I will probably update more later.  :)


It has been a quiet day.  I have been tired and not real active.  I have another workout to do.  I keep thinking I want to take a walk instead of another workout on my bike.  However, I am having enough pain today that I don't think that is a very good idea.  I feel just twinge-y enough to know that I will probably regret it if I do.  I think the reason I want to do that other than the bike is because, except for the pain factor, it is an easier workout.  So, I will do a bike workout here in a little bit.

My food today has been good.  I still have 200 calories left to "spend".  I have been thinking of some things I want to do differently while I have been reading another blog.  It would require more preparation, though, and some days, I don't know if I will follow through with that.  Not when I am working this much.  Since I had been having more hunger the last few days, I was thinking that for the next few days, I needed to go back to what was working.  But I do need to find something else to do for breakfast.  The protein bar and a serving of fruit is just not cutting it for me right now.  I want to start eating some Greek yogurt, fruit and healthy cereal some of the time.  I just need to buy the ingredients.  I did have a snack of 1/3 cup Greek yogurt, 2 T. Grape Nuts cereal and 1 tsp. honey today and it was good.  My daughter has been telling me the big plusses of Greek yogurt, and Shelley, the girl in the blog I am reading, sings its praises.

This got lost in the drama of yesterday's events, but I got word from the lofts I am wanting to move to on September 1 that the floor plan I want is going to be available and I can put down my deposit on it and they will hold it for me.  So it is getting close to being a reality!  The lofts are in downtown Dallas, about a block away from my office building.  This particular loft community has events regularly where you can get to know the other residents and there are fun things to do all the time.  Regularly, groups get together on the patio and play cards or board games, or they put the football or baseball game on the big screen, or they have cookouts, etc.  The community has its own small theater, bowling alley, and banquet room, etc.  Residents get together and do urban hikes.  There is a walking/bike trail very closeby.  I can walk to the Farmers Market, the dog park, the Meyerson Symphony Center, the library, etc., etc.  Almost everything I want to do will be right there.  I will go outside of downtown to buy groceries that I cannot get at the Farmers Market, but other than that and going to church or going to see friends or family, I should barely have to leave downtown.  I am so excited!  I have worked in downtown Dallas for 19 years and I am so excited that I will no longer have to make the commute.  It will give me two extra hours a day.

I want to be feeling well enough to get out and do all these things.  I want to be able to walk or ride my bike everywhere.  I want to get to know some people and make friends.  I want to start dating again.  That is one reason I am working so hard on making progress right now.  I don't want to live my life outside of work closed up in my house because I don't feel like doing anything.  I am ready to embark on a new lifestyle and I want to be healthy and feel good enough to do that.  So, I am focused from now until the end of August on getting off as much weight as I reasonably can (the goal is 40 pounds -- I have already lost 19.6), so hopefully my pain situation will be much improved.

Honestly, when I get there (40 pounds lost), that is when I feel my journey really begins.  That is where I got to in 2009-2010.  Everything I do after that will be "new territory" and I am so ready!!!  On to my new life.  My nest will be empty and I will have the freedom to make the kind of life I want.

One More Time:

I did my second workout for today.  I kept the resistance on 4 this time and did some arm work:  3 sets of 15 reps on shoulder raises and bicep curls with a 5-pound weight, and 3 sets of 15 reps of triceps with a 3-pound weight.  When I do the arm work, it distracts me from the pedaling.  You would think I would tend to go slower that way, but it has the opposite effect -- I go faster.  I averaged 14 mph and sometimes went to 15.  My final distance -- 7 miles!  14 mph was feeling very comfortable at that resistance.  Progress!

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