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Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday Night:
I had to work late again Friday night.  I got off at 9:20.  I was wanting something different than a Subway sandwich, so while Jerry was in a meeting with some other attorneys, I walked down to the West End to Chipotle and got me some more of those tacos.  I got Barbacoa this time (the nutrition calculator on their website says it has less calories than the chicken).  I did not like it quite as well for the tacos, although it was plenty good.  That is all I ate for the rest of the day, so my calories were good.  Plus I got a 20-30 minute walk, so almost had my 10th workout.

Except for the whole sleeping until 11:00 thing, Saturday was a busy day.  I am not typically a late sleeper – my alarm goes off at 4:45 a.m. on weekdays and I am usually up around 5:00.  So I really am a morning person.  To sleep until 11:00 shows you how tired I was.  I must have needed it.  So that was good.

First, I did my morning workout (30 mins on the recumbent bike, resistance of 4, speed averaging 13 mph, and doing my “arm work” while pedaling the bike.  3 sets of shoulder raises and bicep curls and 3 sets of triceps curls (is that what you call them?).  The first set I used 5 pound weights on the shoulders and biceps and the second and third sets I used 8 lbs.  On triceps I used 3 lbs. and 5 lbs).  I started it with the idea that I would take it easy because I have had a long, rough week, but as I got into it, I felt plenty able to do more weight, so I did.

Then we went to lunch at The Porch (we liked it so well on my birthday, we had to go again).  Did I mention this was my every-other-week splurge meal (planned)?  I got the Pounded Chicken Parm.  All I have to say is, Oh.My.Goodness.  That was the best stuff I ever tasted.  There was no pasta, just a chicken breast pounded thin, very lightly breaded and spiced just so.  I guess it was sautéed – did not look deep fried.  It was topped with melted fresh mozerella and a salad with arugula, radishes, red onions and grape tomatoes (etc.).  There was marinara for dipping.  So good. 

Pounded Chicken Parm
I also had some garlic toast (one piece, since my daughters and I shared the order) and then we shared two desserts.  The same gooey butter cake we got on my birthday, and their specialty that day, a blueberry cobbler with cinnamon ice cream.  Both so good and so yummy.  I had not eaten breakfast, since I slept so late.  I was well satisfied but not uncomfortably full.

Gooey Butter Cake

Blueberry Cobbler with Cinnamon Ice Cream
Incidentally, my daughter is reading Bob Harper's book, The Skinny Rules, and she says he says to have a splurge meal every week.  I am only doing it every other week, but if a special occasion comes up, I will feel better about eating a special meal because of that.

Then I went to put down the deposit and application fees on the loft I am moving into.  It is really happening!  I am moving to Downtown Dallas in less than three months.  I already know what unit I will live in.  I am so excited!!!!  I can walk home in five minutes after a late night working instead of a 35-40 minute car ride home (and that is with no traffic; if it is at a high traffic time, it is closer to an hour).  My girls were so jealous.  They wish they could move to the same lofts, but let’s just say the price range is for the financially more established resident.  The girls will be moving out on their own and I will have an empty nest, starting a new era in my life.   So, these are exciting times (and a little scary).  They gave my daughters a tour of the community (I had already had one) and we had to do a lot of going up and down stairs.  I was surprised that it did not hurt as much as it has in the past, and I was pleasantly surprised that going up the stairs we climbed was not that hard.  I guess my work on the recumbent bike is doing some good!  I was not even out of breath!

Next I went to Costco.  Here is a glimpse into my grocery basket.  I think it reflects the lifestyle I am building, very well.  I plan to make some yummy main dish salads this week, so I stocked up on stuff to do it with.

I was going to show you some of the new things I bought, but will save the for the next post.  This is going to get too long!
I really like Costco.  They have a selection of organic items that doesn’t break the bank.

Next, I went shoe shopping!!!  I had some clothing budget.  I'll share some pictures tomorrow.

Random Thought:  One thing I know.  Feelings during weight loss are all relative.  I am feeling so much better since I am 22 pounds lighter than I was a month and a half ago.  But I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror while I was out today, and didn’t feel too good about what I saw.  I was wearing a blouse that I could not wear before, but was not liking how it (and everything else) looked in that glimpse.  Sigh.  Oh well, I will get there….

For my evening workout, I did a different built-in program.  It was the beginner “pyramid” hills program.  When I decided to try this, I thought it was going to be easy – easier than the rolling hills one I had been doing.  The resistance did not get as high on this one.  However, it spent a longer time on the higher resistance portions than the hills one did.  I think the highest resistance was 9, but it stayed at 9 for 4 consecutive minutes and this made it harder than the rolling hills which stayed at the 11 resistance for only a short time.  So, it ended up being a good workout.  I will keep doing this one until it feels easy.


Busy start for my Sunday.  I went fairly early to the grocery store to finish my shopping for what I did not get at Costco.  Anyone looking at the contents of my basket would probably assume I am a healthy eater or am on a diet.  I don’t consider myself on a diet.  This is how I intend to eat from here on out.  Do you ever look at what’s in other people’s baskets at the grocery store?  You can tell a lot about a person that way.

As I was walking out of the grocery store, I thought of at least 3 things I had intended to get and forgot.  I hate that!  Someone will be going back because there will be things the kids want that I didn’t get.
My experience walking around the store today was different than yesterday.  I was feeling good about myself.  My size 22 capris are falling down.  I think I am about back to a 20 now.  They will have to work for a while longer, because I don’t have any to replace them and don’t really want to buy any.  At least they shrink when you wash them.  It may have been just me, but I fancy I was getting some longer looks from gentlemen at the store than I was a few weeks ago.  I don’t know if this is just the 22 lbs. lost or the fact that I am feeling more confident and men find that attractive.  Probably both.  I am pretty sure I was not imagining it.  Not that any of them would do anything more than look, but it is an improvement.  I don’t know, though.  I didn’t have any problem getting dates a couple of years ago when I was trying to.  I just don’t feel ready yet.
I did my Sunday morning workout:  30 mins on the bike, resistance of 4, doing my arm work with 8 pounds on the shoulders and biceps and 5 pounds on the triceps.  It definitely tires my muscles and works my core, too, since I am pedaling while lifting.  And I was dripping with sweat when I was done.  I had to convince myself a little to this workout because I had already been to the grocery store and it was hot and I was tired from walking around Wal-Mart for the better part of an hour.  Which is the most important workout of the weekend?  The next one!
I had a main dish salad for lunch.  It was delicious – full of all kinds of good things.  The best bites were the ones that had a dried cherry in them, but I could only put a few of those in the salad to keep my calorie count down.  I had another one at dinner and used fresh strawberries so I got more bites with the “sweet” in them.  Yum!  Who says you have to eat boring food when eating healthy?

I had to make one of those calls on Sunday night.  I got on my bike to do my fourth workout.  I felt so tired and it wasn’t getting any better almost 10 minutes into the workout.  I have done a lot of extra walking this weekend.  I was already feeling the heat of Monday being almost there and I was not feeling so ready to face the marathon week.  I decided I needed the rest last night more than I needed the fourth workout.  I can do one on a weeknight if I get off on time; if not, 8-9 for the week will be enough.  I was thinking about taking some weights up to the office and doing some core and arm work during lunch or a break.  I don’t want to work up a big sweat, but I could do my physical therapy exercises without getting sweaty and it would probably help relieve stress over a long work day.  And could give me that 9th and/or 10th workout that I might not be able to get otherwise if I have to work late every night.  My boss is not giving me much hope that it is going to let up any time soon.  My friend at work, who is my backup, did say she would stay late for me any time I felt like I just couldn’t do it.  Jerry won’t like it, but I will take her up on it if I need to.  I have tickets to a Rangers game Friday night, so will get off on time that night anyway.  And will do enough walking, I am sure, that I can count it as a workout.  Just thought of that.


I am starting out a little behind the 8 ball, it feels like.  I ate my breakfast of some Greek yogurt, Kashi GoLean Crunch and a small sliced-up banana.  A little later, I was feeling hungry and, without doing much thinking about it, ate a protein bar I had in my desk.  I felt like I was going to have to be very careful to stay under my calorie limit for the rest of the day.

But I decided to do something different with my food this time around (I think in half months, because that is how I buy groceries since I get paid twice a month).  I bought stuff to make my own sandwiches.  I can make them basically like Subway does, except I am using a bread that has less calories (the 100-calorie sandwich thins from Orrowheat).  This way I have more calories to use in other ways, which gives me more variety.  I had all my ingredients to put together a sandwich ready and brought it all to work.  I am going to plan on doing it this way most of the time (but can plan on buying a sandwich at Subway in a pinch, if I need to).  My sandwich today was sooooo good.  I put more meat on it (although it only seemed that way because there was less bread).  I had some reduced fat pepper jack cheese, spinach leaves, onion, bell pepper and some slices of avocado.  I put a little Newman's Own Light Balsamic Dressing on it.  That is a lot less calories than the ones I get at Subway, so I will probably be all right on my calories.

Besides the main dish salads I am making, I also plan to make some grilled chicken with a fresh mango salsa I intend to make, to be served with quinoa, rice or couscous and a vegetable (grilled or steamed).  I have lots of fruit to eat.  I also found some “Flat Outs” which I can make a reduced calorie pizza from.  My girls will like that too.  I am looking forward to all this fresh food!

I overslept this morning (I usually use the alarm on my cell phone, but it was dead and my charger was at work, so I set my other alarm and it didn't go off!).  I was really bummed because I had already only done about 10 minutes the night before.  I jumped out of bed at about 20 til 6:00 and got on the bike and did around 20 minutes.  So at least I was keeping my commitment to a workout, even if I didn't feel like I got the full one.

This has gone on long enough.  I feel well prepared for the week, but hope I won't have as many long nights this week.  I had 63.25 hours on my timesheet!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Your food looks familiar...and now I'm getting motivated to make a big salad - I love the combo of strawberries and avocado!

    Very cool that you know which loft unit you'll be moving into! What an exciting adventure awaits!

  2. Guess where I got the ideas? Your pictures of your salads looked so good, I had to try it. Gonna have another one tonight!

    Did you know your sons are the same age as my daughters? And my birthday is one day after yours? Except I am 3 years older. I thought that was interesting. I also have a son, who is 27. :)

    Have a good evening.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of coincidences!!! My sons live in the D/FW area, too.

  4. I know! I feel like I know you since I have been reading about 3-4 years of your life!


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