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Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Going To Be a Great Year! (June 3, 2012)

So, it’s my birthday.  It has been a quiet day, since we did my celebrating yesterday.  I have had a quiet day, mostly to myself.

I got my workout done this morning, and another this evening.  So, I met my goal of 4 for the weekend.  Yay me!!  This way if I have to work late every single night, I will still get 9 workouts for the week done.  I didn’t kick myself for not getting 10 workouts last week, but I wanted to give myself the best chance of doing it this week by getting 4 done on the weekend.

For lunch, I had a chicken skewer my daughters found at Costco.  Fresh chicken breast marinated in something.  I grilled it on my grill pan, along with some asparagus.  I made some brown rice to go with it, and had some cantaloupe for dessert.  All of that was less calories than I usually have in a meal when I have a Subway sandwich.  I need to work on my brown rice and try to get more layers of flavor in it.  I used Success boil in bag brown rice.  I boiled it in chicken broth.  I sautéed some shallots and garlic to add to it after it boiled, but it needed a little more seasoning.  I really need to learn to make tasty, flavorful, low fat meals.  So I am going to work on that.  I guess if I added more seasonings to the broth, then it would have cooked in them and picked up a lot more flavor.  The chicken skewer was good.  The asparagus was pretty good, but could have used a little more seasoning too.  I sprinkled it with salt, some garlic powder and a little crushed red pepper and cooked it on my grill pan.  I sprayed it with a little non-stick spray before grilling it.  It was good, but could have used a little more seasoning.

I am having some new pain today.  I am hurting in my lower middle back.  It is enough pain that it takes my breath away when I stand up and just reach out in front of me triggers it.  It did not bother me to ride my bike, though.  I don’t know if this is what caused the trigger of radiating pain yesterday.  I am not getting around very well today.  I had hoped I might be able to do a little walking tonight, but had to another workout on my bike.  My armband doesn’t seem to pick up the bike workouts very well.  I am not sure it is very accurate.  I worked up a really good sweat.  I did some bicep curls while I was pedaling (not the whole time).  I am up to 13 mph pretty consistently and get about 6.5 miles in per workout.

I plan for this to be my best year yet.  This is going to be a year where I overcome a lot of things that have plagued me for a lifetime.  It should be a good one financially, since my boss says we will likely be working this much through at least February of next year when our big case goes to trial.  I plan to put as much as I can in savings.  I will be moving to a new era in my life – having an empty nest – and hope to be dating again later this year.  (When I am going to find the time for that, I don’t know!  Where I am moving should give me more opportunities to meet people.)  I intend to leave all the insecurities and feelings of unworthiness behind this year.  It is going to take some work, but I am ready.  And, most of all, I am going to overcome a lot of physical struggles.  I fully believe that.

I took some future comparison pictures today.  I am going to look pretty good when I have the baby.  (Just kidding!  I will be glad to get rid of this belly.  No wonder my back hurts!)
That's it for today.  Have a great week!
June 3, 2012 - 283.6


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