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Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Friday!!!!

I did have to work late last night (10:30 p.m.).  But, I was working on my budget yesterday and I have certain goals I am working toward by the end of August, when I move.  Last week set me back a little, so I am going to try not to resent the OT.  I don’t usually resent it, but did a little last week when I was going through all the stuff with my daughter.  I knew this was a part of my job when I took the position.  (So did management; I don’t know why they complain about it so much.)  Anyway, I have some cash put away – part of it is birthday money my boss gave me and the rest is cash he gives me here and there when I work extra late or do personal business for him.  I have more than enough to buy the Electra Cruiser I was wanting and I don’t really want to have to spend it on moving expenses or anything.

For dinner last night, I had a grilled chicken salad from Subway.  I have been thinking lately how many carbs are in the Subway sandwiches (especially when I have baked chips or something to go with it), so am trying to do other things to offset that.  The salad, along with grapes, was dinner.  I used my Newman’s Own dressing on it and added a half of an avocado to it.  God did good when He made avocado, didn’t He?  I love them!  That was it for the day, so I had a very good day.

So far, so good today.  I got up and did a workout on my recumbent bike.  I did a 20 minute hills program and then 10 extra minutes.  Those “hills” programs are really not accurate.  Even though it looks like a hill on the graphic, if you were really doing hills, once you reach that top resistance, to be going down a hill, you would really have little to no resistance.  Instead, it just lessens the resistance little by little.  So, really, it is harder than a true hill.  But that is okay.  Hopefully it is getting me ready to ride outside when I get a bike.

Unfortunately, I have flared back up a little and am not walking as “pain-free” as I was for a few days.  I guess it was caused from sitting around the hospital room too much and sleeping on the recliner and/or hospital couch.  And my neck and arm are still sore.  My neck feels kind of “pinch-y.”  Hopefully it is a temporary thing and not the kind of thing that led to my having a double cervical fusion.  I need to get my muscle relaxant refill picked up – I am out.  I am trying to do some stretching to work some of this soreness out.  The loft community I am moving to has yoga classes you can go to.  I am looking forward to this and hoping some of the stretching in yoga will help with my pain issues.

I did not get sick (thank the Lord).  I think my congestion was allergy related and then I was just really tired (I can’t imagine why).  I still am tired, but don’t feel like I am getting sick, anyway.  (I may have aches and pains, but I rarely ever get sick.)

I am a little anxious to see my official weigh-in number tomorrow.  I am hoping I will squeak by with a small loss, but could also show a small gain.  Essentially, I maintained over the last couple of weeks.  I’ll take it, considering what all was going on.

For lunch I made my own “Subway” sandwich (which comes out less calories because I use the sandwich thins for bread instead of a sub roll.  I brought some celery sticks and peanut butter for a snack.  I didn’t have time to spread the peanut butter on the celery before I left for work, so brought the whole jar.  I have to be really careful with peanut butter.  I like it too much and can get carried away on it.  But I plan for just thin spreads on each celery stick.  Protein, right?

One victory – last night when I got home, Bethany had made red velvet cupcakes.  She was taking them to work, but she left three out for us.  After my day Wednesday, I didn’t want to go there and I passed it up with no problem.

Stephanie said she is having more digestive issues today than she is comfortable with (she is afraid of being in that much pain again).  I suggested maybe she was eating too much (in type and quantity) too fast.  She said maybe so and left a message with her doctor to call.  We certainly don’t want to go there again!

My girls were fussing this morning (they are 25 and 22).  Nothing puts me in a worse mood, especially first thing in the morning.  I am a very cheerful, don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff person.  We just went through a life threatening illness with my daughter last week and for them to be fighting because one of them wore the other’s jeans just doesn’t set well with me.  I see both sides.  They will be moving out on their own in a couple of months and hopefully I will be spared these petty squabbles after that.

Lots of talk about dogs on the blogs today.  I had to post a picture of our three.  I think they were having a revival or something.  Lol.

Marley, Tucker and Caspian

Have a great weekend everyone!  Planning on getting my four workouts this weekend.


  1. You work a lot of hours but at least you're getting paid well, and how wonderful that you can treat yourself for such fun things (like the bike, yay!).

    LOVE the shot of the dogs. That is too funny!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes about my Uncle - I appreciate it! No sibling rivalry in our family with only one daughter, but my sisters kids fight like cats and dogs!

    And believe it or not, I didn't even TRY and avocado until about 5 years ago - now I love them! Wholly Guacamole sells 100 calorie packs at Sam's Club - you can even freeze them and they defrost pretty quick.

    Happy Friday!


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