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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Want to Be a "Biker Chick" (June 6, 2012)

I started reading another weight loss blog yesterday (My Journey to Fit: A Forty-Something’s Weight Loss Journey).  Finally someone I can identify with a little bit more.  She is talking about riding her bicycle, an Electra Cruiser.  She started riding early in her journey and she says the EC is much more comfortable for her than a “regular” bike.  The pedals are set a little more forward than a regular bike (closer to a recumbent bike).  I am thinking about buying one of these.  I would love to get started on riding outside some.  I have been a little wary of it, thinking I probably could not handle it yet.  But I think if I could find a level stretch of road to get started on, I could start working on it.  And it will be useful when I move downtown.  Anywhere downtown I don't want to walk to, I can ride my bike to.  I could take Cassie for walks this way, and maybe it would be easier on my legs and knees than walking is.  I am happy I am able to walk him a little bit now, but Cassie needs a better “workout” to drain his energy to keep him healthy (and better behaved!) than I can give him by walking at this point.

I made a list about a month ago about fun, active things I wanted to do as part of my lifestyle.  But I was thinking of them as “way off in the future” when I have lost a lot of weight, before I could do them.  Some of them, that is true, but if I could get started, even a little, on some of them, that would be awesome.  Here is my list:

1.     Walk my dog.
2.    Rollerblade my dog.
3.    Jog with my dog.
4.    Walk my trail.
5.    Nature hikes.
6.    Bicycle riding.
7.    Biking different routes.
8.    Jog a 5k.
9.    Swimming.
10.  Play tennis.
11.   Ballroom dancing.
12.  Country dancing.

I know there are more, but that’s what I thought of so far.  I have started to walk my dog a little, and maybe I can walk my trail soon (at least short distances).  Otherwise, except for possibly bicycle riding, I think the other items will have to wait until my pain situation is improved.  I don’t want to buy the bicycle and then not be able to use it, but I also think if this is the kind of lifestyle I want, then I just have to start doing it.  I may be able to only ride short distances on level surfaces, but that would be a start.  So I might spend my birthday money/money from Jerry I have saved up to buy the bicycle.  I will give it some more thought.

I was having some pretty strong temptation last night.  I ate 1499 calories, and my limit is 1500.  That is the first time, except on a splurge day, that I have eaten all my calories.  I had planned to add 200 calories to my limit a week or so ago, but when I try to put that into my BodyMedia Fit program, it defaults it back to 1500.  I guess it thinks I only need 1500?  Or I am doing something wrong.  Anyway, I decided to go with that.  (The reason I question it is because it says I need to have a 1000 calorie deficit every day to lose 2 pounds a week.  When I first set my goals, it estimated my daily burn to be a lot more than 2500 calories and so I could eat more than 1500 to get that 1000 calorie deficit.)  Whatever, we will see how I do with 1500.  I probably won’t eat that much every day – just when I feel like I need it.  I have been averaging around 1350-1400 calories a day.

By the way, I did not give in last night.  I went to bed and I was fine.  One thing that was calling out to me was that I had eaten a half of a protein bar a couple of days before and I knew the other half was in my drawer next to my chair.  I kept thinking, “Just eat that.  It’s only a half and you are still hungry.”  But half of one is 95 calories and I did not have 95 calories left.  So I didn’t.  (By the way, in times past, I was rarely able to stop at half of something like that.  But that is all the calories I had available, so that is why I ate the half.)

This morning, as I was doing my workout, I was feeling kind of empty, which makes your workout a lot tougher.  I decided to eat that half protein bar, and after I did, I felt better the rest of the workout.  I am glad to be in much better control than I have been in a while.  I am making choices on how much to eat based on my body’s needs, not on cravings.  (And the deal last night was more about craving than hunger.  The protein bars are sweet and I was wanting the sweet.  And I knew that’s why I wanted it.)

I am thinking that if I get off on time tonight, I want to do another workout so that after I do one tomorrow morning, I will have my 10 for the week.  Then I could take Friday off.  I am just not sure if that is okay with my “never an excuse not to work out on a weekday morning.”  But I think my reason is a good one.  I would like to have one day where I didn’t have to do a workout.  On Saturday I will want to start back in with making sure I get 4 over the weekend, and it would be nice to have one day off.  I think that’s an okay reason.  What do you think?  Otherwise I am working out every single day.  We will see.

I have decided to start adding pictures or drawings to the end of each post which illustrate the lifestyle I want to live.  Just to keep it in the front of my mind all the time.  “This is what I am working toward.”  So, today…

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