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Friday, May 18, 2012

Yay for 10 Workouts! (May 18, 2012)

Let’s see if I can remember to say everything I wanted to say today.

Me - May 17, 2012 - App. 292 lbs.
First, I had my daughter snap my picture last night.  This is after approximately 3 weeks on plan.  I could pick this picture apart – I can be pretty critical of myself.  I hate the way my chin looks.  In some ways, it is not as bad as I imagined.  One thing I do notice is my stomach looks bigger than it used to, to me, since I had breast reduction surgery.  I am used to my boobs sticking out so much more than my stomach, and that’s not the case anymore.  But I had the breast reduction to help the chronic headaches (and it did help some).

Next, I got my 10th workout for the week done this morning, so I have met that goal for the third week in a row.  Yay me!!!  My workout went much better last night and I was able to push through the whole thing without resting.  It’s been tough for the last week or so and I had been having to take a little break in the middle.

I set my alarm for 4:45 this morning.  I had been setting it at 5:00.  I like to lay there and snooze/ give myself time to wake up a little before I have to get out of bed, but I want to be up and around long enough to loosen up a little, so I decided to give myself that extra 15 minutes.  I turned off the alarm this morning and promptly went back to sleep and didn’t wake up again until 5:26!  I almost blew off my workout, thinking I will do it tonight, but Fridays are notorious for having to work late, so I knew that probably wouldn’t work.  So I got up and almost immediately got on my bike.  I completed my workout at 6:04 a.m.  It was a good theory….  We’ll try again Monday.  But because of that, I did not try to do intervals this morning, I just did 30 minutes at 6 resistance.  My speed has settled in at about 12 mph lately (a little faster than 2-3 weeks ago).

CORE Armband
Some news:  I ordered me the BodyMedia Fit armband.  My daughter has one and really likes it, and I thought it would help.  Not only does it calculate how many calories you burn, and you can enter how many calories you eat, but it also calculates how much sleep you are getting.  I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder a few years ago.  It improved after I lost weight, but this will tell me how much sleep I am getting.  That’s an important part of weight loss.  Speaking of which, I have gone to bed by 9:00 the last two nights.  Trying to make sure I get my rest.

My daughters, Stephanie and Bethany, ages 25 and 22, respectively, are also trying to lose weight.  They are working out almost every day and making progress.  So if you want to come to my house to eat decadent food, you probably will be disappointed most of the time.  Bethany mentioned this morning that she has now lost 20 pounds.  Yay Bethany!  I want so much for them to overcome this early in life.  I was not even as large as they are now before I had kids, but after I did, my weight ballooned up and up and up.  It didn’t help that I lived in an abusive environment.  I just want them to learn better habits now so they can combat that when the time comes, so it makes me very happy that they are working so hard on things.  Stephanie has some physical difficulties (she has had I can’t remember how many foot surgeries – 6 or 7, major back surgery and two knee surgeries).  She has foot pain all the time and I know this is hard for her.  I am praying for relief for her.  There is not much more the doctor can do for her feet.  Weight loss has to help some!

I am hoping to get four workouts done this weekend, but will be okay if I get three.  I am also planning on cleaning, sorting through some areas in the house in preparation for moving on September 1 (in my condition, I can’t afford to wait 'til the last minute), read some more in “Lose It for Life” and use my clothing budget on some new shoes.  Other than that, I will just rest up for another marathon week (that's the only kind of marathons I can do right now, ha!).  After that – a 3-day weekend!  I really need one.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone.

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