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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Next (May 22, 2012)

Lest anyone think I had an off day (lol), I thought I'd better at least post and say that I had an on track day.

I felt a little better today, thank the Lord.  Got my 6th workout of the week done.  I probably should have done a workout tonight, but did not.  I know I can do it Friday night, if not before, because my boss will be out of town Friday.  Hopefully I can get it before then.  Of course, I will have #'s 7, 8 and 9 on the next 3 mornings.

I actually had eaten few enough calories today so that, after dinner, I could eat two servings of fruit!  I had some frozen peaches and some yummy strawberries.  I love warm weather for the fruit (but do not like the hot Texas summers!).  I like cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, etc. that you get in the hot weather months.

I am considering joining WW in June or after.  If I do, I will do it online at first, because there is not a meeting convenient for me while I am living in Midlothian.  I cannot count on getting to go during my lunch hour and the one nearest on Saturday morning is further than I am probably going to get to early on Saturday (I know me well enough to know that).  When I move downtown on September 1, I think I will be able to find one on Saturday I would go to.

Anyway, I think WW will help train me to make things work with everyday foods.  Whatever type foods any given authority says are the best for you, you can make them work on WW.  I know when I was losing weight in 2009, I was eating pretty low fat and took advantage of the "low fat" convenience foods on the market and that is the only time in my life I have been near diabetic.  I have since read that having a little more fat (the right kind) is better than these extremely high glycemic foods.  I know it is all a balance, and after I began trying this idea, I know I was eating too much fat, at times.  WW will help me keep it in check.  I seem to lose weight and keep it off better on higher protein and less carbs, especially simple carbs.  I want to eat real foods and be able to cook tasty meals, instead of just eating chicken breast and salad all the time.  It is a lifestyle and that is what I have to learn.  A couple of years ago, I worked out a lot more -- many times two hour-long workouts a day, and sometimes a third one during lunch, and I was able to eat more calories that way and was more satisfied.  I think 3 workouts a day is probably a little obsessive, but the point is, I want to be able to get more exercise and eat a little more as opposed to have severely restricted calories.  By the way, that third workout came from training for a stair climb that was being sponsored by my building, so I was climbing stairs during my lunch hour. (I got to 54 floors!)

Right now, my calories have to be lower because there is only so much I can do as far as burning calories.  I like the plan I am on, a lot of the time, because I don't have to plan or worry about what I am going to eat.  I was in a rush to leave for work this morning before I even thought about it, and I was so happy I just had to grab my protein bar and chips and run.  When the box of chips I have runs out, though, I think I am going to eat sweet potato "fries" a lot of the time.  They have about the same number of calories and are much healthier.  At least they are "real" food.  Then, next month, I will mix in other meals when I have time and feel up to cooking them.

Anyway, those are just some of thoughts for what lies ahead.  A lot of the bloggers I have read about use WW.  It is very versatile.

Well, off to bed.  3 more days and then a 3-day weekend.  Yay!!!!!

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