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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looking Forward to Better Things (May 10, 2012)

I’m struggling trying to get my blog page set up.  I haven’t been able to get the internet to work at home the last couple of nights and I don’t have time to figure it out at work.

I mildly struggled yesterday.  I was actually a little bit hungry.  This is the first time that has really happened since I started this plan.  However, after a while I forgot about it, and before I knew it, it was time to go home.  I even had enough calories left to have an apple with my dinner.

I have now done 9 workouts this week toward my goal of 10.  My weeks are Saturday through Friday, so I have 1 more to get done between now and Friday night.  I struggled with the last few.  It seemed hard to make my hips and thighs move like they should, which I think is part of the pinched nerve thing that goes with my back problems.  It took determination to finish.  It wasn’t that I was hurting; it just felt harder to do than usual.  But I did!  That’s the important part.

I have been reading a blog written by a woman who went from being someone who didn’t really like to get out of the house to someone who is constantly going on bike trips, competing in 5k’s, a triathlon, etc.  So much of her recreation involves exercise.  That’s where I want to get to.  She started with a goal of just getting out of the house once a week (besides work).  That would be a goal for me too.  It seems work and the very few errands I run are all I am finding the motivation to do right now.  But I need to start making friends and spending time with people other than my kids.  I don’t have much confidence that I will do that until I get to feeling a little better, however.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  The kids are going to a family get-together on my ex’s side of the family at Lake Whitney, so I will be on my own for the weekend.   I need to keep myself occupied with things other than just sitting around watching television.  It is my weekend for a splurge meal, and I was wondering what I was going to do for that.  It turns out the kids will be back Sunday afternoon and are planning to take me to dinner for Mother’s Day.

The plan later this year is that the girls (my two daughters) are moving into an apartment on their own.  They are saving and preparing for that right now.  My son should have his own living arrangements worked out by then, and I am planning to move to a loft in downtown Dallas.  I have worked downtown for almost 19 years now, and I decided it is time I made the move.  It will give me two extra hours in my day when I don’t have to make the commute.  The community (of lofts) I am moving to has regular events for residents where I can easily get to know people.  I hear that I can often find a game of cards or a board game going on, on the patio.  I will love this!  My goal is to get 40 pounds off by September 1 and be feeling much better by then.  I want to be able to enjoy everything living downtown has to offer, including walking most everywhere (Farmers Market, restaurants, library, dog park, etc.).

This morning I am feeling like I need a break.  This week hasn’t been too busy, but the pace of life just doesn’t let up and I feel the need to get off for a bit!  I would love to take a real vacation, but that is probably not going to happen until next year, after I have had time to save for it after the kids move out.  I have not had anything close to a "real" vacation since around 1998!  Most of my time off has been spent dealing with health issues for me or my daughter, or just days spent at home.  I do enjoy getting to have time at home, but that is not as enjoyable to me as it used to be.

Ideally, by summer of next year I will be feeling much better.  I hope to be dating by then and getting out and being with people regularly.  I haven’t wanted to date recently.  I need to get to feeling better first.

Looking forward to better things!

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