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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Time Around This Mountain!!! (May 17, 2012)

I feel some better today, thank the Lord.  I didn’t think that was the way it was going to be when I got up this morning.  I could barely walk to the bathroom.  Ouch!  I almost talked myself out of a workout.  I was justifying it because of the pain.  But I decided when I started this that there can never be a question of whether I will work out on a weekday morning.  If I start making excuses, it gets easier to make more.  (Of course, if I was sick, then I would have to adjust, but since the pain is a daily thing, I cannot use it as an excuse.)  I have to remember that I hurt more when I don’t move than when I do (as long as I am moving in the right kind of way!).  For a while, I was sitting almost all the time on weekends because of my pain level and it only made it worse.  I began to take something for pain just on the weekend so I could get up and get around, and it began to make a difference.  So I have learned that lesson.  But it is still very tempting to give in to it when I am hurting.

My recumbent bike was an awesome discovery.  I cannot walk or do the elliptical or upright bike for my workouts because it causes big flare-ups.  Anything that involves weight bearing is a problem.  This bike does not “hurt” me – in fact, I usually feel better after I use it.  It’s good on my back and my knees.  So this is what I will be using until I get to where walking, etc. does not set something off.  I was a little worried when I bought it (it cost in the $400s) that it would be one of those exercise machines that turns into a coat rack, but that has not been the case.  I use it daily these days.

My workout this morning made 8 workouts for the week, and 2 to go before tomorrow evening.  I did intervals, resistance of 6 with 1 minute at 9 every five minutes.  I will get one done tonight, since I know I do not have to work late, and the last one done tomorrow morning.  Then I can take my Friday evening off!

I have started a book called “Lose It for Life.”  I think this will be about lifestyle changes and not just another diet plan.  I looked a little ahead and saw some interesting things about how many calories I should be consuming, but I was just browsing and want to read it in detail before I share what it said.  For now, let’s just say my calories appear to be sufficiently low to lose weight every week.  The body can be fickle and a loss not show up on the scale when you did everything you were supposed to, but in the long run, it should all balance out.

I will share any good insights I get from the book as I get into it.  I am trying to educate myself as much as possible and deal with whatever I need to deal with to make this a permanent change in my life.  I have a number of books I need to read.  There are emotional issues to be dealt with, and spiritual issues, as well as new habits to be formed.  I just know I am tired of going around this mountain.  I want to conquer and move on.  There will always be something to deal with, but I am tired of dealing with the same thing over and over.  There has to be a reason for that.  I want to do everything I can to get to the bottom of it.

I calculated my BMI today (47.1) and added it to my weight chart.  Very scary.  But this is where I am and it will only get better from here.  I truly believe that.  Last time around this mountain!!!

I am looking for another weight loss blog to read.  The ones I have started so far do not resonate with me.  I don't identify with the person writing it in some way.  Hopefully I will find another good, inspiring one.

19 down, 481 to go!

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