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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day -- To Me! (May 13, 2012)

It's Mother's Day and I'm home alone this weekend.  The girls will be back early afternoon and are taking me out to dinner.  Actually, I am paying for dinner, but I am glad to have the company.

Even though I am home alone, I am not lonely.  I enjoy time to myself -- sometimes a little too much.  But I will be glad to have them home.  This is a warm-up to having an empty nest.  One thing I know, is Cassie requires more attention when I am the only one home.  He misses the other dogs (the girls took them with them) and gets ornery.  I need to take him for a walk to drain his energy, but that is something I cannot do yet.

But this is a weight loss blog.  Yesterday was a completely on track day.  I ate just what I was supposed to and I did two workouts.  I am on track to get my four workouts done this weekend.  I did have a few times yesterday when I was mildly tempted, mostly because I was a little bored and it is habit when I have free time.  But I never seriously considered giving in.  I kept reminding myself I have a splurge meal today.

Yes, if you look at my plan, I have a splurge meal built in to it every other weekend.  So, I have been on the program for two full weeks and it is time for my splurge.  I could have done it any time this weekend, but waited for going out tonight with the girls.  I don't have a desire to eat a huuuge meal.  Yes, a little more, but mostly just something different to eat -- a little more relaxed on the calorie count.  And some dessert.  The trick will be going right back on plan tomorrow.  But right now, I feel strong and don't feel like it will be a problem.

I have given a little thought to what my plan will be for next month.  This is working well for me, but if I get too tired of it, that could be dangerous.  However, I have the same time and energy restrictions as before.  So, I am thinking it will probably be the same, with the option to cook an alternate meal with the same calorie count when I want to and feel like it.  I was cleaning up the kitchen yesterday and putting away all the little kitchen tools I have accumulated over the last couple of years and it made me miss cooking a little bit.  So, I will leave the option to do that open, but keep the structure and the ease of my current plan for when I need it.  I guess I could buy another type of meal out too, as long as it falls into the same calorie range.  Interestingly, I stayed within my regular food budget this paycheck, even with getting these meals out every day.

The meal I do not feel inclined to change is breakfast.  I kind of look forward to that protein bar.  It satisfies me for the most part and kind of satisfies a sweet craving.

One thing I am learning from the weight loss blog I have been reading, is that not being too rigid on your eating is a good thing.  This is a lifestyle, not a diet.  At the same time, I am in no shape to put in the amount of exercise Michelle puts in, so I have no choice but to be pretty strict about limiting calories at this point if I am to make progress.  Hopefully the day will come where I can be much more active and therefore have a little more room for extras at times.

I notice she spends quite a bit of calories on drinks (alcohol).  Since I do not like it (this is not just a religious thing -- I have tried it, and I just don't like it), I at least don't have this one to worry about.  (I am kind of thankful I do not like it -- it is high calorie and it is expensive!)  I am not judging those who do, I'm just glad that is not another area I have to try to control.

For the rest of the day, I have plans to get two workouts in.  I'm pretty stiff this morning and won't do anything until my meds kick in.  But exercise is so much better than too much sitting.  That makes me much worse.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there.  I lost my mom on May 10, 1995, so Mother's Day is always a little bittersweet to me.  (If I remember correctly, my mother's funeral was on May 13, 1995.)  I don't have mother or kids around this morning, so Happy Mothers Day to me!

Had an early dinner with all three of my kids (which is good, because I have been mildly worried about my son).  Jacob brought me a bouquet of pink tulips and a sweet card.  He is always good like that -- not afraid to show how much he loves his mom!

I was not extremely hungry at lunch (and didn't feel like going to get my sandwich), so I decided to eat a light lunch so dinner wouldn't have as big of an effect on me.  I had a protein bar.  However, at about 3:30, I was feeling pretty hungry, so I ate another protein bar.  That is 380 calories all together, which is still less than my normal lunch would have been.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  They had a special where you could get an appetizer and two entrees (from a select group), plus two sides for each person.  Our appetizer was an onion blossom, which is the worst thing I ate.  I ate probably a fourth of that, but I did not eat any of the dip.  TR is known for its rolls and I had one and a half with a little spread of cinnamon butter on each.  My entree was a 12-ounce ribeye with some sauteed mushrooms and onions.  My sides were a salad with blue cheese dressing and a sweet potato with butter.  I ate about half of the steak and even less of the onions and mushrooms.  They put a huge dollop of butter in the sweet potato and I took out about 3/4 of it.  I ate a little more than half of the inside of the potato and all of my salad.  We ordered strawberry cheesecake for dessert.  The idea was for all of us to share it, but Stephanie ate one or two bites and no one else helped me eat it.  I left about a third of it there.  I definitely could have finished it, but I was really full by then and tried to pay attention to my body, so didn't.  (Cheesecake is my all-time favorite dessert.)

So, that was my splurge meal.  I have no idea how many calories that was, but it is supposed to be a meal where I don't worry about that.  It is something to look forward to one meal every other week.  I did try to watch my portions because, in any event, I don't need to be eating until I am uncomfortable.

My plan is to get one more workout in tonight.  If I do not, I still have 3 toward my goal of 10 for the week.  I definitely will wait until I am emptied out a little before I try to do that.

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Awesome job! Keep up the good work!


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