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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Early to Bed, Early to Rise (May 31, 2012)

Not much to say today, except that I walked my dog this evening.  It was not without pain, but I made it once around the neighborhood.  I was going to do 15 minutes on the bike when I got home.  I got started, but my legs were feeling very weak, so I decided I should at least wait a few minutes.   The walk felt pretty tough.  I used to walk so much.  I walked 60 minutes a day on the treadmill with an incline of 7, at up to 4 mph.  No way I could do that now.  Just walking got my heart rate up.  I don't think it was only bad conditioning; a lot of it was that it is more difficult because of my physical limitations.  The weakness in my hips and thighs makes it more difficult.  But it is a start.  I will still ride my bike for most of my workouts, but I wanted to get outside and my dog really needed to drain some energy.  I put his little burberry backpack on him, and off we went  (the added weight drains his energy faster).  The picture was taken earlier (I didn't have a sweater on him today!).  Unfortunately, as I sit here, I am beginning to hurt more.  I will have to decide if it is worth it to keep doing it.

I did get up and do my workout this morning.  I was even able to do intervals.  My armband said I had burned 950 calories by the time I got to work (that's not just from the workout).  We were having a thunderstorm when my alarm went off.  I tried to use the excuse that I might get hit by lightning if I got on my bike this morning.  But I just couldn't make it work in my mind.  So I got up and did it.  Of course, I am glad I did.

Food was on track today.  I need to finish my water, but other than that, it has been a good day.  I got off at a decent hour, thank the Lord.  I was tired.  The day was packed full, though.  Hardly a free moment.  I had 41.5 hours OT on the paycheck I got today.  Makes for a good paycheck, but not much of a life.

I was on plan 30 of 31 days in May, and 33 of the last 34 days.  And the one I didn't count was not far off.  It's a good start.  33 down, 467 to go!

I was about to start an hour-long TV program, but I really should get to bed early.  Guess I'll close early tonight.  So glad tomorrow is Friday!

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