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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Busy Weekend (May 27, 2012)

Yesterday was a good day and a tough day.  Although it was a day that I think I did well enough to lose weight, it is not a day that I am going to count toward my 500.

First of all, I decided to add 200 calories to my “allowance” because I have been getting hungry consistently.  Yesterday I spent those 200 calories by eating an extra protein bar.  That did the trick yesterday.  I ate on plan all day, except I had bought some multi-grain Tostitos to go with my splurge meal (which I was not eating yesterday).  My daughter opened them when the groceries were brought in and left the bag sitting open on the counter.  I ate 3 of them as I went back and forth putting up groceries.  I know that is not that bad and I am not such a perfectionist that I would let that ruin my day.  I barely drank any water all day.  I drank two Topo Chicos (sparkling mineral water I love), and a few sips of regular water when I was taking medication, and that was all I drank!  (I do count the Topo Chicos as part of my water allowance.  It just has to be less than half of what I drink all day because it doesn’t seem to hydrate me as well as regular water.  There is nothing in it but mineral water and CO2, but it still doesn’t seem to do what regular water does.)

I went to my son’s “concert” last night.  This concert was a “memorial” concert for his friend, Chad, who was killed tragically on December 26, 2011.  They were raising money for Chad’s two small children, who now have no father.  (These guys could give us all a lesson about what true love and friendship is.)  We got there at 10:00 and his band did not start performing until near midnight.  We (my daughters and I) stayed until around 12:45 and headed on home.  I think his band is very good (although I, personally, think, musically, it would be a lot better if they turned the volume down; it was so loud, you cannot hear the blending of the instruments and harmonies as well; but such is the nature of music in a bar).  I cannot say I was entirely comfortable with the genre or the time of the concert, but I wanted to be there to support my son.  I found out today how very much that meant to him.  He hugged me and cried and told me, at least 10 times, he couldn’t tell me how much it meant to him that I was there and said thank you over and over again.  I had no idea that making such a small effort to do this for him would mean that much to him and I am sooooooooooo glad I did.  When I went to his friend’s funeral in December, I knew how I would have felt if it had been my son who was killed so tragically and suddenly and how I would have felt if I had never even made an effort to go hear his band, something that means so much to him.  So, since this is a 3-day weekend and I have time to rest up after a very late night, I thought this was a good time to do that.

I knew that my son thinks the world of me (if anyone in his life has stuck with him through thick and thin, it has been me), but it was demonstrated once again last night.  He introduced me to several of his friends and when they found out who I was, their eyes would light up and they would tell me how highly my son speaks of me all the time.  It seems he tells everyone what an awesome mom he has.  I guess I have a done a little something right in my lifetime.  :)

I did not eat or drink anything at the concert.  I am not much of a drinker and, even if I was, I didn’t have room for it in my calories.  When I got home, the chips and salsa were still sitting there (!), and I ate 2 more with salsa.  I decided before bed that I was not going to be able to count this day as an “on plan” day (no workouts, no water, and unfocused on my eating).  Then I ate another protein bar.  Lol.  I still think I ate in such a way that I could lose weight from it.  So it’s good that I can have a day that is not technically on plan, but is still good enough that I would lose weight from it.  I stepped on the scales last night (I know, I probably do this too often, but it doesn’t seem to affect my motivation).  I weighed less then than I did at weigh-in yesterday morning.

I was going to have my splurge meal today, but…one of the things I was going to cook was a Berry Brioche Bread Pudding.  I am not sure where you even get Brioche around here (I am sure you can), but I decided to make my own.  So I started it late this morning after sleeping late.  I did not realize how complicated it is.  You make a sponge and later mix up your dough, and its second rising has to be overnight in the refrigerator.  So, I could probably go try to find a place to buy a loaf of Brioche, but then when mine was done tomorrow, I wouldn’t get to eat any and that wouldn’t be any fun.  So I decided to put off my splurge meal until tomorrow.

It is interesting to me that putting it off until tomorrow is so easy for me.  I would rather the meal be as special as I want to make it, rather than less so and get to eat it today.  That shows a lack of desperation to eat off my plan.  That is good!  That is progress!

I still have not worked out yet this weekend.  I’ve just been busy with other things.  I did walk around in stores for two hours yesterday.  I went and bought some of the “splurgy” things I talked about yesterday.  I had some clothing budget ($100) and had been intending to buy two pairs of shoes I found online at Dallas Shoe Warehouse.  However, my friend at work has been getting some cute wedges (which is what I wanted) at Target and I wanted to at least see what they had.  So I got two pairs of wedges at Target for half the price I would have gotten them online.  I used the rest of the $100, and more, on getting some costume jewelry to go with outfits I bought last month.  (Wearing jewelry does so much to make me feel like I am taking care of myself in how I dress.  If I am wearing jewelry every day, you know I am feeling good about myself.  If I don’t, you know I don’t feel like putting forth the effort because I am not feeling great about myself.)  I also ordered me some Chloe perfume (my favorite) online.  I have been having trouble finding it at stores these days.  I am also going to get a couple of things from Avon – some bubble bath and bath items I enjoy.  I used to sell Avon, so I am familiar with their products and like some of their stuff.

My last stop was the grocery store.  I only bought a few things for my meal tomorrow.  I was in the self check-out line, about to start putting stuff on the conveyor belt, when this lady comes and asks if she can go in front of me, since she only had three things.  I must admit I wasn't feeling too charitable.  I was in a lot of pain because I had been walking around stores for two hours.  And it wasn't like I had a whole basket-ful of groceries.  I thought she was being pretty presumptuous to do that.  But I told her to go ahead and (somewhat) hid my grouchiness about it.

I was in quite a bit of pain after walking around the stores, but at least I wasn’t sedentary.  Then there was a bit of walking associated with going to the concert last night, so that was a lot more activity than I usually get, other than my bike rides.

I am on track with my food today.  I need to get busy on my water or I am not going to get it done today either!

I will make my splurge meal tomorrow.  I plan to have it done by mid-afternoon.  That way I have time to clean up afterwards and still have a bit of free time in the evening to rest up for the work week.  One good thing about 3-day weekends – they are almost always followed by 4-day work weeks!

So it’s almost the end of the day and I did not get a workout done.  With working so much last week, going to the wedding Friday night and going to the concert last night, I have been really tired.  I could have gotten them done today, but I am not going to feel guilty about taking a break.  Last week was not a normal week.  I will get 2 done tomorrow, and at least 1 each weekday morning this week, which will make six.  I will do one every evening after work that I don’t have to work too late.  If all I get is six, I will be okay with that, as long as I don’t make a habit of it.  The point is, I am developing a lifestyle of being more active.  There will always be things in life to intervene, but as long as, overall, you are leading an active life, that is the goal.

Splurge day tomorrow!  Lots of cooking tomorrow, beginning with finishing out with the bread in the morning and not too long after that, starting my meat that has to cook for three hours.  I finished today 70 calories under my new allowance.  I feel satisfied, so why eat more?  I did not do Subway tonight.  I made myself a lower calorie grilled cheese and had some minestrone soup and then some strawberries.

Guess I will close out this long post.  Have a great holiday tomorrow!

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