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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Catching Up

I forgot to post this Tuesday, so I will post it now and add a little to it.
Pain is not too bad this morning.  Some stiffness in the back, of course, but I have that when I am not working like this.  My heel hurts and I had planned to dig out my boot they put me in when I first went to the doctor about this a couple of years ago and at least wear it when I am working at the house or walking around Lowe's or something.  But the inside part of the boot and Velcro straps were not with it when I dug in the box.  I don't know where they have gotten off to.  Stephanie has a boot too, but hers goes up higher on the calf and did not fit me well.  It was making my knee hurt to wear it.  I do wear my compression sleeve all the time, except when I am sleeping.  (Since then, Stephanie found another boot she had from a surgery, that is like mine.  So I will be wearing it beginning tonight, or when I am working on the house, moving, etc.  I was moving a couple of boxes this morning without anything on my heel and it HURT.  It makes me nervous.  So I will be wearing the boot except at work.)

I am thinking of taking tonight "off" and coming home and working on the remnants of packing.  I know I do not have to work late, but when I think about that, I know that means I probably need to take advantage of going over to the house.  I just don't want to have to take the dogs with me.  Maggie is crated all day, so she needs to be let out right after work, and I worry about her having too much restless energy if I just leave her out in the house after work.  We took her to the house Sunday without Cas and she was upset and nervous.  She ran off once when she got out the garage door and it took us a bit to catch her.  I think she is afraid we are going to leave her or something.  Plus there are all kinds of strange noises and smells, etc. at the house.  Something was freaking her out a little.  She does better when Cas is there with her.


I am getting ready to wind down at work.  For some reason, along about now, I sometimes get some temptation.  Like my coworker's peanut jar.  But I reminded myself why I am doing this, how much better I feel, and that I will get to enjoy food soon.  I have been feeling better this week with the salt intake.  Headaches are all but gone.  I have ordered some salt capsules to take to make it easier, but might only be able to take those on eating days.

With the input I have gathered on the FB group I am on, I gather that during the last two long fasts I must have gotten low on salt and that is ultimately what led me to stop.  (And it shows I was listening to my body by doing that.)  The first (actually second) one, I was feeling nauseous for a number of days.  The second (actually third) one, I was exhausted and I thought my blood sugar might be low, but I know now it was the salt issue.  The symptoms they describe are spot on.  I need to get clear on why this happens; all I know is it helps and I feel fine now.  It is nice to know what was going on.

I'm going home now.  Have to stop at the store and get my prescription filled and pick up some pet food.  I did decide to stay home tonight and work there.  I just do not want another trip across town with the dogs.  Stephanie is at the house working tonight, though.  I will go tomorrow night.


Yesterday was a good day on my fast.  We had a Thanksgiving luncheon.  I contributed to it (by picking up a pumpkin pie -- not a good time for much cooking for me, since most of my stuff is packed) -- but I did not eat anything.  I did make me a plate of things that were okay for me to eat and I can either eat it when I break my fast tonight, or more likely, eat it for lunch on Friday.  I chose some pulled pork someone brought, two ribs (but no sauce), some kind of shrimp that was not breaded, some roasted Brussels sprouts and some green beans.  That's it.  But it will make a nice meal that I don't have to cook.

I accidentally left my pain med at home yesterday.  Rather than make a trip home, I just toughed it out.  It wasn't too bad, but pain was building at the end of the day and by the time I got home, I was needing it.  Especially since I was going to work on the house.  But it did not make my workday miserable, anyway.  It would not have been that way 2 months ago or if I was not fasting and eating carefully.

My boss asked if I could work late last night, but then asked if I was needing to work on my move, etc.  I told him I did and he let me go at 10 after 6 (my quitting time is 6:00).  I needed to pick up a prescription, but decided it could wait since I still have pain med to last until Saturday.  I will pick it up Saturday morning.  The pharmacy does not open until 9:00, so I couldn't do it before work.

I went home and changed clothes and picked up the dogs.  I hate driving there with both of them, but I did.  Stephanie also could not find the paint brush, so I also had to stop at Home Depot and buy another one.  (She found it as we were picking up to go home.)  Traffic is still not great at the time I am driving over there, and that is the worst part to me of driving over there each evening.  I wish we had someone to watch Maggie while we are doing this.  Cas is fine if I did not get home until late because he is not crated and uses pee pads.  But Maggie starts chewing on furniture if she has too much energy and/or is left alone too much.  Anyway, I made the drive over.

Stephanie had gotten quite a bit done and we finished getting a third coat of primer in the dining area, which had dark (ugly!) paint on the walls.  She also painted the ceilings that had not been done yet, and got second coats on ceilings that only had one coat.  We should be ready to move forward with wall paint tonight.  I'm anxious to see how the gray color we chose will look.  It already looks so much better in the dining room -- lighter and brighter -- without that ugly paint.  The other walls are a yellowy cream color, which really just looks kind of dirty.  It probably looked okay in its day, but this house was not clean.  Did I mention the owner had 6 dogs?  It didn't look as bad as some houses you see with lots of dogs -- there were not big urine and poop problems, but it was dirty, dog hair, etc.  So the new paint job is helping with that.

We decided to open the wall between the living room and dining room.  We had taken some sheetrock off there because it had some mildew, and when we saw what was under there and asked Jim, he said it would be pretty easy to widen that doorway and open it up.  So that sheetrock is completely off (one less dark wall to paint!).  Jim needs to take the studs out, create the stronger frame for the wider doorway (and whatever else he has to do for support), and extend the step that is at the sliding doors in the living room going to the outside, since the dining area is on a higher level than the living room.

We worked until about 9:00 last night -- probably would have gone longer, but we finished priming, etc. by then and didn't want to start with the walls that late -- and went on home.  I had packed my car before leaving for work yesterday morning with some "new" boxes and lamps and things that would not be boxed, and unloaded it at the house before leaving.  I plan to do that each day so we can see more clearly what is left to pack.  I need to see the apartment emptying out a little more.  We are probably 75% packed, but it is hard to tell.  I need to keep working on packing at least a couple of boxes a day.


That gets me to this morning.  I need to shut this down and get ready and off to work.  I will fast until after work tonight (would like to eat at about 7:00 or after, so will eat something when I get to the house tonight (planning on a very low carb/moderate protein/high fat weekend to continue in ketosis).  We are going to work tonight, probably pretty late tomorrow night, sleep in a little on Saturday morning and then work all day there.  Stephanie has to work at a makeup class on Sunday, so I will be on my own that day.  I may work at home packing; it just depends on what we get done on painting, etc.  I don't think I will have any help Sunday.  Tom and Bethany are going camping with Tom's family.  They closed on their home Monday and I think moved a lot of the big stuff yesterday.  Hopefully Tom will be available to help more next week.  Stephanie has taken the 3 days before Thanksgiving off, so she will have time at the house then, too.  We will probably get her bed moved over there for that (or at least her mattress), at some point.  She is keeping Carter next week, too.  Bethany will be changing daycare after that, since she will be moved from Carrollton to Garland.  Stephanie wanted to spend some time with Carter and it saves Bethany some money.  Bethany's new house is less than 10 minutes from mine.

We are a little up in the air on where we will have Thanksgiving, but it is looking like we might be able to have it at Bethany's.

I'd better go.  I may post again tonight, but might not have any time.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Lots of Work

I posted this morning, but will try to pick up where I left off before the last few days’ hiatus from posting.

After eating from Wednesday evening until Sunday evening, I was kind of ready to get back to my schedule.  I know that sounds strange.  I am not getting anorexic or anything like that.  It is just that I am so busy and on eating days, I am required not just to eat, but to plan what to eat, buy it, cook it, clean up, etc.  It’s so much easier on fasting days.  I don’t think any of the work required of me during my fasting days is strenuous enough where fasting will bother me.  It probably would have bothered me a bit Friday night and Saturday morning when loading the boxes, but there should not be much of that again until we actually move everything.  I have about decided I am going to pay someone to do that; we just need to get the rest of our packing done.

I do plan to go over to the house tonight and do some work (provided I don’t have to work late).  Tomorrow is the designated day for trash (both regular pickup and big/special items).  Regular trash is to be put in city-provided containers and left by the driveway in the back.  Special and bigger items are to be put out by the curb in the front.  The seller left a lot of stuff that has to go by the curb, so I will need to move it tonight.  They only come every other week for that kind of stuff.  I guess that will require more effort, but it will not have been long enough since I have eaten to where that will bother me (if it would, anyway).

On other nights I will likely be either painting walls or taping off woodwork, etc. in preparation for painting.  Actually, we may be replacing some sheetrock ourselves, and I would like to help with that.  We will also be doing a couple of shiplap walls.  At least it will look like shiplap, but it is a lot less expensive.  That is what we are doing on each side of the fireplace.

I am sleepy today.  I guess that is not unexpected.  I slept okay over the weekend, even though pain is a bit increased.  As I said in my last post, I am so glad for the work I have done the last couple of months.  There is no way I could have done what I did this weekend without the healing that has taken place during that time.  I want to keep going with what I am doing.  I actually do not think it will take me “500 days” to get where I want to be.  I could be wrong, but based on how I seem to be losing now and reading about other people’s progress with this lifestyle, I think I could get most of the way there in 6 months.

The sleepiness is tough, in one way, because being tired is a big trigger for me.  That is the first thought that comes to mind when I am tired is I want something to eat.  But I am getting pretty practiced at turning my mind away from food when it is not a time I am supposed to eat.

For the first time in I can’t remember when, I no longer have 100 pounds to lose.  The goal I have in mind is to weigh 160.  That may be less than what I really need.  I will know when I get there.  But I now have less than 100 pounds to lose even if that is what I decide is my ultimate goal.  My youngest daughter got down in the 190s a couple of years ago and she looked wonderful!  So I might get to 180 and decide that is a good weight for me.  Although I think, with my joint issues, less is better (within reason).  I meant to step on the scale this morning, but I forgot.  When I put on my clothes this morning (some I had not worn for a couple of weeks), they were noticeably looser than last time.  I just don’t know if it will show upon the scale that way yet.

I did not think about having a headache all weekend.  I had a slight one this morning, but that seems to be doing better.  I didn’t focus on the sodium issue, but I probably had more sodium than usual because, one, I was eating, and two, most all of my meals were “out.”  If I didn’t get a restaurant meal, I ate nuts, which are also salty.

A “funny” thing happened yesterday.  Stephanie and I were taking a little break and I was taking a dose of medicine.  I reached for my bottle of water and absentmindedly picked up her cup of soda instead and took a sip.  As soon as it hit my mouth I freaked out.  I absolutely want to stay away from sugar and that was the first sugar I have had in quite a while.  Stephanie told me not to worry, I had not “sinned.”  I would have spit it out except I had the pill in my mouth too.


I'm just home from the house.  I got off on time and stopped by the apartment to pick up the dogs and change clothes.  I drove there, which took at least 30 minutes (there was still some after-work traffic).  My son-in-law's dad is helping with the stuff that takes more skill than we have, and he was there with his wife.  They had pulled the insulation out of the walls were the mold had occurred, so I got started on bundling that up and bagging it and getting it out by the curb.  I also took out some bags of sheetrock would had pulled off yesterday.  It looks like our neighbors took care of some of the trash for us, bless their hearts.  They have been very helpful.  Then I went and did some taping in my bedroom so it will be ready for painting.  Jim called me when I was pretty much done with that and sent me to Lowe's to get something.  When I got back, Stephanie had gotten there.  She had started some painting in the bedroom, but Jim had asked her for some help, so I picked up where she left off, painting the ceiling in my bedroom.  I finished that, and did a second coat on the ceiling in the hall.  After that it was just some odds and ends and we left a little before 10:00.

We asked Jim about an idea we had to open up the area between the kitchen/dining and the living room.  He said it would work without a whole lot of expense, so he set Stephanie to tearing out more sheetrock where that is going to occur.  I think that will make a huge difference in the house.

With all that, I never felt any weakness or hunger.  Being busy like that helps.  I got through my first day of IF just fine.

I stepped on the scale when I got home and I am not showing a loss.  I am actually showing a gain, but I do not typically weigh at the end of the day.  We will see how this week goes.  According to my sources, I still am not getting enough sodium (and I am still retaining water).  At least my headache was better today.

I am going to close and get to bed.  Life is going to be this busy for at least a couple of weeks.  I need to keep at it so we can get it done and not drag it out.  But I don't think I want to do what I did tonight every night this week.  It is one thing for Stephanie to do it because her work is closer to the house.  But I am not only working a couple of hours, I am also driving for at least an hour total.  (One thing that occurs to me is I could take the train up there and have Stephanie pick me up; that would be a lot less time in traffic.)  Maybe I can alternate days and use the alternate days to finish packing at home.  I have asked my son if he can help and he said he would find some time this week.  Hopefully he can get a good bit of painting done for me.  (These are the times when I wish I had a friendlier relationship with my ex; this type of thing is what he did for a living.  But it is very awkward between us since he believes what he does about me, and my kids want nothing to do with him, so, nope.  But I sure could use some more help.  Hopefully Tom can help some this week; but he and Bethany are also getting ready to move.  Sigh.)

I think this is 65 days down; theoretically, 435 to go.

I'm a Home Owner!!

Going to try to get a quick post done before leaving for work.  The reason I haven't posted is things have been so crazy busy!!
I ended up breaking my fast one day early last week.  I intended to fast during the day Thursday and Friday and eat at night, but then decided that with all I would be putting my body through this past weekend (and continuing until things are done), a little longer break would be good, so that is what I did.  I was not crazy hungry at any time, but ate what seemed best when I had time.  There were only two diversions from eating/drinking like I should.  I drank some sugar-free Monsters during the weekend.  I gave myself a reason (excuse) and told myself it was allowed this weekend only because we were working so hard -- late nights, early mornings, etc.  The other diversion was last night.  I ordered a bun-less burger from Chili's and instead of getting a salad with it like I did last time, I ate the fries.
Concerning the late nights, as it turned out, except for Friday night, we didn't have such late nights.  We were so done in by the end of the days (around 5:00 p.m.) that we went on home both Saturday night and Sunday night.  I did a few things at home those nights, but it wasn't the harder labor of moving, preparing to paint, demo-ing things at the house, etc.  Just a little clean-up and putting some small things in boxes.
Friday night we got the smallest U-Haul truck they have available (10-foot truck).  We have two storage closets here at the apartment and we emptied one (we had it packed from floor to ceiling with boxes) Friday night, and we emptied the other (it was full, but not packed in an organized fashion, so there was not as much stuff in it) Saturday morning before heading over to the new house.  We unpacked the truck and then got started on demo stuff with the house.  During the early time at the house, I helped some on the prepping and demo-ing, but Carter was there and was not wanting to be put down a lot of the time, so I tended to him while the "youngsters" did the harder work.  I'm sure it was good for me to have that little "break" after loading and unloading boxes.
We did not get any painting done Saturday.  Lots of taping, tearing off some wallpaper, tearing off strange d├ęcor the owners left, etc.  The living room was completely paneled.  The paneling was painted off-white with a gold stripe every so often.  I did not want paneling and so the kids tore all that off.  Under a couple of areas you could see there had been water leaking before the roof had been replaced and there was some mildew/mold under the paneling.  Not major stuff, but we did not want to leave that sheetrock with the mildew/mold.  So yesterday, after instruction from Jim (Tom's dad, who will be doing a lot of the work for us), we tore off the sheets of sheetrock that were affected by mold (wearing masks and gloves and enclosing the moldy pieces in construction bags, just in case it was toxic -- I do not think it was the toxic kind from looking at pictures and reading descriptions).  He said we needed to tear all that out and let it breathe.  Nothing was wet and the mold looked "old" and not actively growing.  There was no current source of moisture.  So I think we will replace the insulation in those areas, replace the sheetrock, and we are good to go.  Not a major expense.  I've toyed with the idea of replacing the sheetrock myself (with the help of my kids).  You just have to score it and cut it the right size, screw it into the studs with drywall screws, and you are good to go.  Then Jim can do the taping and mudding and texturing to prepare it for painting.  If Jim cannot get started as soon as I would like (which it is looking like he may not be able to do much this week), then I might do that.  There is no reason I cannot replace the sheets of insulation either.  I'm going to see if my son has some time this week and maybe he can help me.  Tom and Bethany are closing on their house today, so they only have so much time right now since they are moving after Thanksgiving.
That leads to this -- I don't think we are going to be done by Thanksgiving.  So I'm not sure where we are going to have it.  I could probably make it work at my apartment.  We will talk it over with the kids and see.  It doesn't matter to me, as long as I am with my family.  I don't care about the food very much.  (That's what eating low carb and IF does for you.)
One bit of drama that happened with the closing on Friday:  I had found out at 5:45 p.m. on Thursday night what my "cash to close" number was for sure.  I had to call and ask for it because no one had told me.  So I left in plenty of time Friday morning to go to the bank to get it in time to get to the closing at 10:30 a.m. and...the bank was closed!!!  (My bank closed Friday and Saturday for Veteran's Day.  Many banks were open, but not mine.)  I was panicking.  I didn't know what was going to happen.  Everyone -- the representative at the title company, seller and seller's agent -- were very gracious about it.  We went ahead and signed all the papers (seller was already there signing papers when all that was going down) and the lender had already funded.  I even got the key at closing and permission to get started on moving some stuff, etc. later that afternoon.  So they allowed everything to go forward and I have to drop off the cashier's check this morning.  So I am headed to Mesquite to a branch of my bank to get the cashier's check first thing this morning and I will drop it off at the title company (also in Mesquite) before heading to work.
I think I will close there.  I can give more details of everything later, if I think of anything else.  It is nice to be done with the closing part (almost) and getting to work on moving and the house, but I would love to be able to fast-forward through this part and get settled.  But it will be fun to see the transformation of the house going forward.  (There was definitely some shoddy work done -- cosmetically speaking -- on this house.  And their taste in certain things was pretty different.)  I will post some pictures when I have more time.
I have no idea what day I am on and I haven't weighed in days, but I can tell I am thinner by my clothes.  There is no way I could have done all I have the last few days without my efforts the last couple of months.  I am thankful for the progress I have made, physically.  And I am positive I have found the best way to keep going and move on toward health and wholeness.
That's it for now.  Better get ready for work!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Feeling Good

I'm tired.
Less than 2 days to closing!  We close at 10:30 on Friday.  Then a lot more work begins.  :)  But it will be worth it in the long-run.
I found a deal online where you can order certain lab tests without a doctor's order.  I can get an electrolyte check for $29.99.  I already have it set up.  I want to make sure what is going on.  One thing I want to know is if my potassium is high.  Or is it low?  But it will also check my sodium level.  I did 1-1/2 tsp. of salt today.  When I got home I was quite puffy, but I had started having to go to the bathroom a lot more by the end of my workday.  I hope it is helping.  I don't know if I am going to show a loss this week with all this, but that does not mean I am not burning fat.  It is all this fluid fluctuation.  I definitely feel and look thinner.
I brought work home again tonight.  Just a little, but I don't want to stay behind.  And I'm going to miss some time Friday morning.  I wish I could take the day off, but I can't.  Too much going on.  I'm ready for things to settle down a little bit, but any sign of that is not in sight.
I felt really good today except a headache.  I read that the reason you have a headache when you have low sodium is because your body sends fluid into your cells to draw out the sodium into your blood, and it does this more in brain cells than any other.  That is why your head hurts.  I know a lot of the time lately it has felt like my brain was too big for my skull and it kind of was.  I haven't had any of the huge danger signals you have when it is dangerously low, but it definitely needs to be dealt with.  We will see what this test says and go from there.  If I need to go see my doctor, I will, but if she is just going to tell me to consume more salt, what is the point?  From my reading, fasting is not a cause; but low carb can be.  The other causes do not apply to me.
This book and the FB community I found make me feel a lot less like I am way out there on my weight loss/getting healthy strategy.  I even heard Dr. Fung say on a podcast I listened to this morning that extended fasts (like I did before starting IF) are perfectly fine for people who have a lot of weight to lose.  He said you need to pay attention to how you feel and break it if you feel something amiss (which I did), but otherwise, there is no reason you cannot do it on your own when you have family watching over you, etc.  But don't feel like you have to do that.  Please don't write IF off without researching it.  You can do much smaller windows than I am doing.  Many people do 16:8 to start with.  You have a window of 8 hours when you eat and 16 hours where you do not.  That's very doable!  You just need to give your body breaks from insulin production.  It's not for everyone, but many of you would be surprised how good you feel once you get over the first hurdles and get your body acclimated to fasting.
I have a phone call to make (remodeling plans), the work I brought home to do, and I want to do some more reading.  And maybe pack another box.  So I'm going to close.
60 days down, 440 to go.  Woohoo!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Even though I don’t feel like I have time to do it, I want to get a few thoughts down.  Work picked up where it left off and is crazy busy.  No time to stop for anything.  But I am entitled to a little break, so….

I think I feel a little better today.  I am pushing the sodium.  My reading tells me I need to consume 1-2 tsp. of salt a day, while fasting.  Since I am depleted, I feel I should do the 2 tsp.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get down 2 tsp. of salt?  I am putting it in my water and just putting it on my tongue, at times, to get it down.  I notice when a headache starts building, if I consume a little salt it starts to die down, so I think I am on the right track.

This makes me wonder – was this round of headaches ever about corn?  I don’t know.  I do know that corn is still not good, but Dr. Fung, the author of the book I am reading, talks about the importance of feasting and fasting.  Man, throughout the ages, has feasted and fasted.  He says there needs to be times of feasting.  Not all the time; probably not even every week.  But on special occasions.  I would like to be able to do that, but if it is going to give me a headache and cause me pain, I don’t want to eat corn.  Of course, he says times of feasting -- say, a big Thanksgiving dinner -- should be followed by a time of fasting.  Or a cruise, with several days of abundant eating, should be followed by a longer fast, to bring your body back into balance and get your insulin levels in check.  He talked about going on a cruise and eating a lot and realizing his pants felt a little tight, so he fasted and returned to his usual trim self.  Of course, he has no weight problem.  For me, while losing weight, I think any feasting that would include a lot of carbs, should be few and far between.  That is what I did wrong after my first two extended fasts.  But there can be some carbs on special occasions.  I will have to come to a balance of this in my mind.  Dr. Fung does not seem as concerned about the ill effect of modern grains, though he does discuss the possibility.  He stresses more the importance of keeping constant insulin production in check, especially if you are insulin resistant (which I most definitely am), which means watching what you eat (low carb) as well as when you eat (intermittent fasting).  Yet I definitely see how removing wheat from my diet has improved my health.  So I know there is truth to it.  Not to mention the carbs in the wheat that cause the insulin production.  So was it the carbs causing the problem, the wheat, or both?  Right now I think it is both because other high carb things, like potatoes, don't give me chronic headaches.  Maybe someday I will test it out and see if wheat is really the problem, or wheat with being insulin resistant, but if I don’t need to be eating many carbs, why bother?  I can get carbs in other ways – sweet potatoes, beans, fruit, etc.  And I do believe it will give me a bad headache.
I got home less than an hour ago and brought work home.  I'm going to get this post finished and then try to finish a project.
I finally got all of my salt down.  The headache has improved, though not completely gone.  It will probably take a few days.  I hope no more than that.  I hope I can "maintain" with only one teaspoon of salt on fasting days, because 2 is a lot!  You would think I would be all puffy after consuming all that salt today, but not really.  Interesting.
We are having our usual Christmas party for work on December 9 (I think).  We are going to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra/Chorus Christmas program, which is awesome.  Of course, it is good to dress up for those things and I have a goal dress I am going to work toward.  I think I can already zip it up, but would want it to fit a little better.  It is kind of jewel green color, which is good for me because of my green eyes.  It is a little shorter than I would like, but hopefully that will feel a little better in a month.  We will see.  It's just a goal.  If I don't like the way I look in it, I don't have to wear it.  (I would love to have a date for this; usually I take one of my daughters.)
My stomach has stayed a little more "active" today than it usually does at this stage of a fast.  I don't know if it is the salt or the little bit of pickle juice I have had.  I allowed myself the pickle juice this time because I need to get this sodium thing lined out.  But still, it is not that hard to turn my mind away and know I can eat in a couple of days.  It encourages me to know I am healing insulin resistance a little more each time I do this.  There is so much to the teaching in this book that I cannot really do it justice.  But your body develops a set point of what it thinks it should weigh.  When you go on a low calorie diet, your body will compensate and though you may lose weight at first, after a while it will do what it has to do to regain the weight, including making you desire more food, lowering your metabolism, etc.  Even on a low carb diet this happens, unless you heal your insulin resistance.  That is what lowers your set point.  I know I have "sweet spots" that my weight wants to return to.  260 is one of them.  It is the constant flood of insulin in our bodies that raises the set point.  (I know I am not doing this justice.)  But if you give your body a regular break from that constant flood of insulin, it lowers your set point.  Dr. Fung explains this very scientifically and with many studies to back it up.  Eating three meals and two or three snacks a day is one of the worst things we can do.  It keeps our body constantly flooded with insulin and insulin is the hormone that tells your body to store fat.  At the very least, we should only eat three meals, no snacks.  And if you are not hungry for breakfast, you shouldn't eat it.  Your body does not need it unless it asks you for it through true hunger.  My hunger has really tapered off on this way of eating.   Even on my eat days I find myself not hungry.  Now I know I don't have to feel pressured to eat if I don't feel hungry.  Sometimes I have felt like if I am eating only 3-1/2 days a week, I need to EAT during that time.  But if I am not hungry, I should not.  My body is living off its stores.
The other thing he said is you can expect to lose about 1/2 pound of fat a day when you are in fat burning mode.  You will lose a lot more than that on a fast, but it is mostly water.  So you shouldn't feel bad about gaining back a little chunk after an extended fast.  It is water.  I suspected that, but it is nice to hear it.  With doing this every week, I feel like it is a good indication of how much fat I am actually losing since I am weighing the same day every week.
That's enough for tonight.  I need to get to work on my project.  59 days down, 441 to go!  (Hopefully less than that!)

Monday, November 6, 2017

Just Checking In

Guess I should take a minute for a quick post, lest someone think I have fallen by the wayside.  :)
I am on Day 1 of this week's IF.  I am learning a lot from the book I am reading, The Obesity Code:  Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss.  That is the main reason I have not gotten a post written today and yesterday -- I have been reading.
I stayed home today.  I still have a bad headache and I needed to stop and regroup after the last few weeks.  Back to the grind tomorrow.
My type of IF is really what they call an extended fast, but whatever.  There may be a time when I shorten the time periods of my fasts, but for now, when I am dealing with the pain issues -- particularly the back issues -- I will continue with this regimen to achieve more weight loss.  By my reading it is perfectly fine, in fact it is very good.
Other than the headache, I feel good about everything.  I found out that could be from low sodium.  It fits.  That is more a symptom of a keto diet than fasting.  But I will follow the protocols for keeping my electrolytes in balance and hopefully this will improve.  I wondered if the water retention/ puffiness I have talked about could be a symptom of low sodium.  You usually think about retaining fluid when you eat too much salt, but I found out it can also be a symptom of too little sodium.  The only thing I am not supplementing is potassium, other than some lime in my water at times.  Hopefully things will be balanced out soon and I will feel a little better.
Counting down to closing.  It will happen on Friday.  I did some packing today and we are getting fairly close to being packed up.
That's it for tonight, with yesterday and today, that is 58 days down, 442 to go!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Nice Day

There are several ketogenic FB pages I follow and a post on one of those led me to a FB page about IF.  It is hosted by the author of a book called The Obesity Code:  Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss.  It is written by a doctor who was treating patients with end-stage kidney failure.  Many, many of those patients developed kidney failure through Type 2 Diabetes.  He began to think about wanting to find answers for his patients long before they ever got to the stage they got to when he came into the picture.  So he began looking for the cause, and that is where the conclusions shared in his book began.  I have only read three chapters, and a few other things about the book, but let me say I feel like I am on the right track.  It appears he recommends intermittent fasting (of various lengths) and a low carb, high fat diet.  Hmmm, sounds familiar.  I am anxious to get more into the book, but so far it is encouraging.  Incidentally, I read a little in an appendix on IF and it said that some people tend to have headaches with IF and it is often because they need more salt.  I haven't read enough on that, but that is interesting.  It did say take magnesium for cramps, so I am on the right track there too.  I have seen comments on the FB site about people taking pink Himalayan salt daily (I am not sure what the regimen is yet).  My headache has been a little better today.

We went to the pumpkin farm and had a good time.  I will be spending more time with all my kids tomorrow.  My son's birthday is this week and we are going out to dinner to celebrate.

On the way back, Stephanie and I stopped at Lowe's and I ordered my French doors.  It takes 28 days for them to get here!  So I guess that part won't be happening for a bit.  I dropped a little chunk of change on those doors, but I wanted to get fiberglass rather than steel because it is much better quality.  Guess we will have to put up with the sliding doors for a short time.  It is all getting close and I am getting excited.  We are trying to get everything possible packed up this weekend.  Stephanie and I want to be able to take a load of boxes to the house on Saturday, after the house has been cleaned Friday afternoon (assuming closing happens on the 9th), and at least get the storage closets emptied out and into the garage so I don't have to keep paying for those.  I'm so ready to get this done!
I haven't been terribly hungry today.  We were going to meet to have breakfast with Tom and Bethany before going to the pumpkin farm.  Service was so slow at IHOP that we didn't end up eating until closer to 11:30 or so (we met at my cousin's house because Stephanie's dog was going to stay there while we were gone so she could burn off some energy with their dog; so, that slowed us down a little too).  I had a chicken fajita omelette (made sure it was just eggs and no pancake batter added).  It was decent, but a little cold by the time I got it and the waiter never brought me any salsa.  He was so swamped and doing his best; I didn't want to create any more trouble for him.  Then we went to the pumpkin farm, took a few pictures, went through the "petting zoo" and then on a little hayride.  We finished up in the little farm store and then drove back.  I bought me some nuts at the farm store and ate those on the way back.  Then we picked up the dog, went to Lowe's, and went home.  I rested a bit, did a little packing, and had some of the Low Carb Cannoli ice cream I made.  (By the way, this was very good.  I was wondering what the texture would be like because you did not use an ice cream maker.  Basically you whipped some cream with some sweetener, and you mixed some ricotta, cream cheese, sweetener and vanilla in a blender and folded it in to the whipped cream.  Then you put it in containers and freeze it.  It freezes hard, so you have to let it thaw a bit before eating -- I microwaved it for a few seconds.  It actually had a consistency very close to regular ice cream.  It was really good.)  Anyway, that was at around 5:00 or so.  Along about 9:00 I decided I was hungry, so I ate two of the garlic parmesan chicken thighs I had made.  That was it for today.  I didn't want any more.
I almost have the kitchen packed up, and tomorrow I am going to focus on my room, keeping out only what I absolutely need for the next couple of weeks.  I am also going to focus on making what is still here look more orderly so we can see the progress.  Stephanie thinks we are further along than I thought; maybe she is right.  I just want to make sure we have it done when the bulk of the moving is done.  No leaving a bunch of leftovers because it was not ready for the movers, whoever they may be.  I may have to hire some after all because it turns out Tom and Bethany will be out of town the weekend we were planning to do it.  We have other offers to help, so maybe we will still have enough help without them.  Just want to make sure we are ready for it.
That's it for today.  It has been a nice day.  I needed that.  So, 56 days down, 444 to go!