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Saturday, March 9, 2019

What I Think Has Been Wrong

I'm still here.  I stumbled a bit, but have been back on track for a while.  I became frustrated with my symptoms, not making any progress with them, etc.  A week or so ago, I became convinced what must be going on and talked to a friend about it.

I feel sure I have type 2 diabetes.  I could be wrong, but.... I got to thinking about when I went to CareNow a few months ago.  They told me about these test results, but they didn't interpret them.  I don't know why.  They told me I had a lot of sugar in my urine.  They said I had a fairly severe bladder infection, so I didn't focus on why there was sugar in my urine.  I looked it up the other day and that is often a clear indication of diabetes.  I also found out in my reading that bladder infections are common with diabetes, as are yeast infections.   I remember telling the doctor I was having trouble with yeast infections.  I don't know why they did not point me in that direction.  I seem to remember that they told me my blood sugar, which I specifically asked about, was 100 at the time.  That was a couple of hours after drinking a milkshake.  They seemed happy about that, as was I.  I cannot find the test results I got from them later (the full metabolic panel), but I seem to remember that when I got the test results, they showed my blood sugar was high -- out of range.  So I'm thinking the 100 number was a mistake.

There is a lady I work with who had type 2 diabetes (I say had because, after gastric bypass a few years ago, she is in remission; that very often happens with gastric bypass).  Anyway, not only did she have T2D, but her father, who she took care of for a number of years before he passed away, had T2D.  I told her what I was wondering -- were my electrolyte imbalance symptoms possibly connected to type 2 diabetes?  I  told her how I felt and the other symptoms I was having, and she agreed.  Actually, she told me she had suspected for a while that I might be diabetic.  (Incidentally, she has had all kinds of life-threatening problems from the gastric bypass; she tells everyone who asks that she would never recommend it).

The electrolyte issues, I think, are related to frequent urination.  I think my levels were lower than most people's, perhaps because of fasting without supplementing, but as the diabetes symptoms worsened, so did the electrolyte issues.  They have been pretty bad for the last week.  I have had several episodes beyond what my symptoms had been.

Sunday I was just sitting watching TV and was having that sleepy feeling.  I tried to sleep, but began to feel like my head was spinning and I was very twitchy, etc.  It's not a normal sleepiness.  I took some calcium and in about 20 minutes, I no longer felt like I could sleep -- in other words, I perked up and the symptoms settled down.  But I had a rough night that night, so I took a small dose of calcium a couple of times during the night.

Monday I took all my supplements early, including a Zipfizz.  I didn't take calcium since I had taken it during the night.  A while after lunch, I started feeling "off" and before long, felt like I might pass out.  Seriously.  I was at work.  It kind of scared me -- not like I thought I was going to die, but this panicky thing of "how do I make it stop?"  When I started feeling "off" I took some calcium, but it didn't help.  I felt like my symptoms might be low potassium.  I got away from my desk (I couldn't have gotten home if I tried) and drank another Zipfizz.  It took a bit, but I began to feel better.  I was able to get back to my desk in 20-30 minutes, but felt kind of shaky the rest of the work day.  By the time I went home, I was feeling halfway normal (although I never feel really normal these days).

Tuesday I felt another episode coming on early afternoon.  They seem to be coming on stronger and faster.  I drank a second Zipfizz (I had one early that morning) and was able to kind of fend it off.  I also often need sodium to fully recover.  I am having headaches and believe they are from sodium depletion.  I have added some to my little baggie of supplements which I am to take every day.

I am now drinking a second Zipfizz mid-day as a preventive, but I am still struggling.  I stayed home Wednesday and Thursday to try to get a grip on things.  For those two days, I felt like I was having to pee 30-40 times a day.  I was getting up 5 times during the night.  Some days I go 5 times between the time I get up and the time I go to work.  I felt like every time I got up to do something else (get something from the kitchen or whatever), I have to run to the bathroom.

I went back to work yesterday.  I didn't have to go quite as often, but I was extremely thirsty.  I took my morning supplements, but felt fuzzy and shaky while driving to the train station.  My head hurt most of the day.  Even with all the supplementing, etc. I felt "off" a good part of the day, had headaches, and my legs were very crampy when I went to bed last night.  I woke up several times to pee and felt off.  Same today, although perhaps a little better today.

So, I had scheduled a doctor's appointment for March 18 before I realized all this.  I set it a little way's out because I wanted to give the Vitamin D time to work, etc.  I went ahead and scheduled it because I am going back to a doctor I haven't been to in several years and I am now considered a new patient.  It takes longer to get in, so I thought if I ended up needing to go to the doctor, I needed to have something set up, knowing I could always cancel it.  When things began to get worse this week, I called to see if I could move up my appointment, but they don't have any openings.  So hopefully I will get to the bottom of things soon.

In the meantime, I have been eating strictly low carb for the last 8 days.  I had been off and on in the days before then.  I would not be feeling good, the extreme fatigue was constant, and I would do what was easy.  Sometimes that would lead to days where I was totally off -- eating a lot of sweets, drinking a sugar drink, etc.  But the realization of what this likely is has me walking the straight and narrow.  Of course I need to get a doctor's diagnosis, but I will use this.  I can't say that I am feeling any better yet, but I know this has to be a lifestyle if I am to reverse T2D.   Many doctors tell you that is impossible, but from my reading, I believe it is very possible.  I just have to get these symptoms under control so I can fully do what I need to do, including some intermittent fasting.  I am trying to finish The Diabetes Code.  Eating low carb is imperative.  Hopefully the doctor can help me feel better sooner rather than later so I can get back to some fasting.  I would be taking this a lot harder if I did not believe in these tools.  Right now, I have to do what I know to do no matter how I feel.  I know now that supplementing electrolytes is essential with fasting and keto.  I did several long fasts and felt fine, but the last ones were a struggle. at times (I became nauseous sometimes), and I know now I was needing certain electrolytes.  My fasting FB group is a good resource for learning these things.   I started doing it instinctively, but have learned so much since then.

One of my go-to low carb meals at work is to go to Dickey's Barbecue and get some brisket and sausage.  I get the sauce on the side, and if I eat any, only about a teaspoon.   That is the big source of sugar and carbs.  This time, I bought extra to have for meals when I haven't planned for something else.  I will use my sugar-free sauce.  Yesterday I got a side salad to go with the meat, and I will make some other veggies to have with the meat for other meals.  I got enough (more than I meant to) where I can freeze a little.  I will have it available to warm up in a pinch.

I have said this too often and not done it, but I need to spend some time tomorrow preparing things for the week.  We did a little shopping today so I would have what I need, plus I got some snacks to have available (Moon Cheese (a crunchy snack made of just cheese), Wisps (another crunchy cheese snack), some almonds, some celery and sugar-free peanut butter, and some full-fat Greek yogurt and blackberries).  I plan to make a breakfast casserole and a couple of veggies and a dessert to get me through the week.  (Lord, help me follow through.)

So, not great news, but these kinds of things are always motivating to me to do better.  Sometimes I feel like if no one sees me eat sweets, etc., then they don't count.  I can't lie to myself like that anymore.  I have to walk the straight and narrow if I don't want my life to deteriorate much further.  It is time to get on track and stay on track.  I pray these electrolyte symptoms clear up very soon, for starters.  They have made life difficult for too long.

That's all for today.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Day 14 and Not Day 15


Today is going along pretty good.  I have taken the liquid calcium only when I felt symptoms, and I tried to wait a bit to see if symptoms could be resolved another way before taking anything.

I fixed myself a little breakfast and ate it at home so I could take my supplements before work.  I had a piece of sausage and two eggs.  Lunch was a salad with chicken.  I kind of had to push to finish it, but I knew I needed to eat.  Then I had some nuts at about 3:30.  I may not eat dinner.

I would like to get back to the premise of Dr. Fung's teaching.  Insulin makes us store fat.  The more often we have an insulin response, the more we are going to store fat.  Eating low carb lessens our insulin response, but you still have them unless you are eating pretty much zero carb.  The trick is to have more time in between the insulin responses so your body can heal from insulin resistance.  He does not advise multiple meals a day, or snacks.  So far I have mainly just been trying to keep it low carb without worrying about that too much.  I've just been trying to do the best I can while trying to feel better.  But I'm not losing much weight yet.

One thing I need to address is I am drinking things that are artificially sweetened.  Although these are low calorie and may not cause a spike in blood sugar (although they might), many do cause an insulin response.  So if I am drinking throughout the day, that is a lot of insulin spikes.  I think I am ready to start giving those up.  I think one of the few sweeteners that is not supposed to cause an insulin response is erythritol.  That is what I use to make desserts. I like Chick-Fil-A diet lemonade a lot (which is made with Splenda; Splenda causes an insulin response).  I might try making some lemonade with erythritol.  CFA's lemonade is supposed to be only water, lemons and Splenda.  So I can try that with erythritol.  I am also still drinking one SF Monster a day (typically).  I think I am ready to let those go.  I just had my last one and I am not going to buy any more.  The other thing I drink is the Zipfizz, but it is my source of potassium (950 mg).  For now I will continue with that with a meal.  I am only having one a day right now.  If I could use another source of potassium, I could give those up too.  They are not cheap.  Other sources are No Salt (which is potassium chloride) or cream of tartar (which is potassium bitartrate).  I have tried putting 1/4 tsp. of No Salt in my water, which gives me 795 mgs of potassium.  You need 4,700 mg per day.  I don't like it.  It makes it a little bitter.  A teaspoon of cream of tartar has 495 mg. of potassium.  So I would need even more of that.  I would rather get it from food than do that, but I don't seem to be doing that very well.  I probably just need to put some in a smaller cup of water (that I can guzzle) and just drink it down when I need it.

All I know is, I am ready to start losing weight.  My body hurts.  This is still, in part, from the calcium deposits in my joints.  They have affected my back, among other things.  Walking feels more difficult than it did -- just regular walking.  It tires me out.

That was as far I got yesterday.  I worked until 8:45 p.m.  One thing that happened is that I forgot to take both my 1:30 and 5:30 doses of pain med.  So I was in the conference room meeting with my boss at around 7:30 and I started majorly yawning (that's a withdrawal symptom).  Before then I had been thinking that I was having calcium deficiency symptoms, but that made me realize  it was withdrawal.  So I slipped out and took my med.  I still was having symptoms.  When I got off the train, I was hungry, so I picked up a bunless monterrey melt from Whataburger for dinner (2 meat patties, cheese with sautéed onions and peppers.  I still was not feeling normal, so took another pain med (which brought me where I would have been had a taken them on time).  After that my symptoms settled down.  I went to bed without taking any calcium and went all night without it.  That finished Day 14.


I did take some calcium in the morning with all my supplements and a Zipfizz.  I struggled with symptoms a lot during the day.  I took some more calcium sometime around late morning or lunch.  I also had a second Zipfizz in case it was potassium symptoms.  I know I have not been eating enough some days, and haven't eaten a lot of what would give me potassium in my food.  I wanted to get the Zipfizz in a narrow window of time because of the insulin response.  I did not have a Monster today.

I was crazy busy at work and trying to work through to get things done, but I was just too hungry.  So I had to stop and get some lunch (late).  I got some sausage and some green beans at Dickie's barbecue.  I was doing fine in my mind, but I kept having symptoms.  My boss had given me a bag of five boxes of GS cookies, telling me to get rid of them.  With the press of everything at work, being frustrated about the symptoms, etc., I gave in and ate some.  And then ate some more.  I ate a lot.  The rest of them are going to homeless people.  I didn't bring them with me when I left, but there was a man on the train I'm sure would have appreciated some.

So right now I am still on Day 14.  I won't start over unless the lapse lasted a few days.  And I don't plan for that to happen.  It was a momentary lapse.

When I got off at 7:30, took the train home and was on my way home, I thought about getting a fast food meal "since I had already blown it."  But when I thought about where to go I realized I was not the least bit hungry and I had no interest in eating.  So I didn't.

I realized I had again forgotten my doses of medicine.  I had to catch up on the doses to feel normal again.

I have decided I am going to start writing it down when I have symptoms, what they are, when I take what supplements and my pain med, and try to see if I can see a pattern.  If nothing else,  it might help a doctor to see it.

That's it for today.  I will try for Day 15 tomorrow.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Day 13

I woke up feeling a little "strange" this morning.  I'm not sure if I was hungry or if it was calcium related.  Anyway, I got up knowing I needed to eat a good meal for breakfast.  I took a dose of calcium and drank a Zipfizz while breakfast was cooking.  Then had sausage and eggs for breakfast and took my supplements, but  I ate less than half of the eggs.  I don't know that I am "full," but I'm not hungry, more in my mind than in my stomach.  But I think I ate enough to give me what I needed.  I don't feel shaky or whatever I was feeling when I woke up.

You see a lot about keto in the media.  Like Jillian Michaels bashing it.  But all the other methods of weight loss (which are based on wrong science) quit working for me.  Even when I was doing everything I was "supposed" to be doing (which was very difficult to do and KEEP doing), I stopped losing weight.  No matter how much I stayed on track, I could not lose.  Until I started doing a low carb lifestyle.  Now I wasn't on track in 2018.  That was a lot because I couldn't figure out this electrolyte thing that has been going on since before then.  I would fast a couple of days and just could not continue because of the symptoms I was having.  Plus the circumstances we were going through, including my daughter's back surgery, all the remodeling that went on a good part of the year, my house flooding and then living in a hotel for 7 weeks, which made cooking what I needed to eat very difficult, but easy access to all the foods I didn't need to eat.  Plus the extreme exhaustion that kept me from doing what I needed to do.  I know, this sounds like a bunch of excuses, but it is what has been going on.  I still believe completely in keto and IF.  I am just getting this figured out so I can better follow it and so weight loss is uninhibited by the health problems.  I am so ready to get this all cleared up so I can fully do what I need to do.  But back to keto -- does it work?

Here is my daughter, Bethany, who finally became convinced that the old way of losing weight just wasn't working for her.  She studied and studied and worked and worked, but after having her first child, the traditional view of how to lose weight -- eat less, move more -- just wasn't working for her.  So she started studying about keto, and then she started trying keto last August.  And this is what happened:

She has lost somewhere around 50 pounds.  She has an extremely high stress job, a husband and young child (so no time to work out much, if any) and yet she is losing and feeling better than she has felt in a long, long time.  And not just because she has lost weight.  She says she feels better on keto.  Her joints, which were being worn out by all her working out in the past, stopped hurting.  She took a little time off at Christmas and said she felt a huge difference.  She did not feel good eating all those carbs and sugar.  So she picked right back up after the holidays and has continued to lose and is back to feeling better.  She had an electrolyte episode too.  You really have to watch your electrolytes on keto.  And she also found her Vitamin D level was too low (not nearly as low as mine), so when she started supplementing that, it cleared up those symptoms.  But she is doing it, and will keep doing it until she gets where she wants to be.  And will keep doing it because she feels so much better eating this way.

My brother also started following a ketogenic diet, unbeknownst to me.  He said he is feeling better than he has felt in years and years.

So my advice?  Don't listen to all those keto naysayers.  Study about the positive benefits of a ketogenic diet and IF.  Yes, you have to give up a lot from the old life, but you will find health (including being free from Type 2 Diabetes and a host of other diseases)  more than you have in many, many years.  And you can eat bacon.  Lol.

As the day goes on, I am struggling.  I still don't feel right.  I have tried not to take much calcium, but have to admit I have had symptoms most of the day.  I was studying more and listened to Dr. Berry's video about throwing away your calcium.  He said they do nothing to help with osteoporosis, and are detrimental to your health in many other ways.  Of course I have heard this about the usual types of supplements -- the kind that are made from limestone.  They can lead to a heart attack and many other things because your body cannot absorb them.  But he did not discuss any of the other ways your body needs calcium and what to do if you are deficient.

From what I understand, the biggest problem is that the calcium is not being absorbed.  Dr. Berry did not go into any of this.  So I feel a little unsure.  I went into late afternoon not feeling right, got really sleepy and tried to nap, but I was having the major symptoms that made sleep difficult.  I finally took some more of the liquid calcium and we will see how it goes.

I've done some cleaning, but no cooking.  I got really hungry, but didn't feel like cooking or going anywhere to get anything.  Anything I could think of to be delivered was not what I needed to eat.  I thought about making some pancakes (this was an old go-to at times like these), but I just don't want to do that.  I want to stay on track.  So I ate some pecans.  But I still need to eat.

The dose of calcium did its job.  The pain in my joints is improving, I think.  It is not like the day I could barely walk.  I don't believe the liquid calcium is having that effect.  My plan is to continue with what I am doing, taking the liquid calcium only when I need it and continuing with the larger doses of Vitamin D and K2, etc., for 2-3 more weeks.  I hope by that time I will not need the extra calcium at all.  Despite what the Dr. Berry video said, he only talked about osteoporosis, the usual reason people are taking calcium supplements, and I have read so much other material about calcium deficiency, including main-stream medical articles.  The need is real and my symptoms fit it pretty perfectly.  The one thing I will take from the Dr. Berry video was the need for more magnesium.  I am likely still deficient with that, too, and I can take as much as is needed until it causes diarrhea.  Once that happens, you back off about 10-15% to maintain.  And I know my functional medicine doctor recommended that regimen of magnesium for me.  Plus magnesium helps you utilize the calcium in your body.  The only thing I didn't do was take my apple cider vinegar. I will do that tomorrow, but I don't think I will put it in my Zipfizz.  I would rather enjoy that a little more.

The bottom line is, I don't know why I would be having such severe symptoms and then they go away when I take the calcium, if that is not what I was needing.  I am taking an organic, plant-derived liquid calcium, and that should not have the negative effects on my body.

I'm sorry I keep going back and forth about this.  There is so much information out there.  And I have no confidence that I would get the right treatment if I went to the doctor.  I already tried that twice.  I'm going to stick with what I was doing that seems to be helping.

So, I was getting really hungry and knew I needed to eat something.  I had made some extra sausage patties this morning, so I could take them for breakfasts this week, and I ate some more of that.  That filled me up and I was good.  I didn't eat a lot today.  That seems to be happening quite a bit.

Day 13 is done.  I stayed the course.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Day 12

I stayed up until almost 3:00 this morning.  I never do that. I wasn't sleepy.  I was working on something that I just kept working on, and that's why I was up, but I realized how "un-tired" I was.  I finally decided I'd better go to bed and had no trouble going to sleep.  I slept until after 10:30, something else I never do.

This morning, I felt a little shaky when I got up.  I did not take any calcium during the night and did not wake up with twitches or anything.  I got up and ate a little (some cheese and some mixed nuts) and took my supplements.  I also took a little liquid calcium.  I'm still feeling a little shaky, so I'm not sure what to attribute that to.  I had a little more to eat and am drinking my Zipfizz, so will see if that makes a difference.


I struggled a good part of the day.  I try to give it plenty of time to see if symptoms will let up.  I finally took some more calcium and feel decent at the morning, but it has not been a great as it relates to this issue.  Hopefully it's just part of the process.

I've done a little cleaning, off and on, but have barely made a dent.  I'm going to my daughter's house to keep my grandson, this evening, so I tried to make sure I was ready for that.  I know I have not eaten enough.  I am about to leave to make sure I get something to eat and plenty to keep me going this evening.  I haven't had a real meal today, but haven't felt up to fixing me anything.  I've had thoughts of eating things "off plan" but haven't.  I don't really want to.  I want to feel better and those things are not going to get me where I want to go.  That has been the case a lot this past week.  I think about eating a "regular meal" and I just don't do it.


I'm back from keeping Carter.  I stopped and got us some dinner (some brisket, sausage, and green beans for me; brisket, green beans, mac and cheese, and a roll for Carter).  I felt better after I ate my dinner.  I'm probably not eating enough.  I was a little worried when I was on my way because I was having symptoms, but didn't bring anything with me (as in calcium).  But I was better after eating.

Carter's favorite movie right now is something like (The Secret Life of) Pets.  It was on when I got there, we watched it to the end, that started it again until Momma and Daddy got home.  Made for an easy evening.  He cried when I left.  <3  He loves his Nana.

All in all, I'm making progress, hanging in there on my eating, and feel like I will be able to do more soon.  That's all I can do.  I really should try to do some cooking tomorrow.  It makes things easier, but then I get tired of what I cooked.  That's one thing I like about fasting.  Food tastes so much better after missing a few meals, I don't get so bored, and I don't have to spend as much effort on cooking and cleaning up.  It's a win/win for me.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Days 10 and 11


For Day 10, I am at home.  Pain issues are pretty bad today.  My back pain has been flaring up, including radiating pain.  My knee was killing me yesterday -- felt like someone was  stabbing me with an icepick under my kneecap.  My heel is hurting quite a bit.  And a new thing that was pretty bad this morning -- my big toe joint is extremely sore.  One or two of these things is one thing, but getting around with all of them together was almost impossible today.  It seems like this all has to be connected.  And since I have been going through all this low calcium thing, I wondered if it was related.  I believe it is.

First thing, I listened to this video by Dr. Berg.  Now I had already listened to Dr. Berg some about calcium, and he warned against taking calcium carbonate, so I have not been taking it.  He said to take other types of calcium, such as citrate, so I have done that.  (I saw something later that made me think he changed that and said citrate was not good either.)  Anyway, I was having some improvement, but not very quickly, and I suspected absorption was the problem.  I began to have more improvement after getting the plant-based liquid calcium.  But I was still taking the calcium citrate caplets, at times, because I didn't want to use all my liquid too quickly.  (My daughter has been taking it too.)  But I have finally had to admit that certain joint pain has been increasing since starting with the calcium supplement.  And yet I was also calcium deficient -- there is not a doubt in my mind about that.

What I am realizing is that the main reason I am calcium deficient is because I am not absorbing calcium.  One thing that happens when calcium is not absorbed is that is deposited around joints.  (Kidney stones are another thing that can develop.)  So as I have increased my calcium supplementation -- particularly the caplets -- I have only been absorbing a small amount.  That explains why I have felt marginally better, but the symptoms come back.  I was getting a little more calcium than before, but most of it was being deposited around my joints because I was not absorbing it.  I think the liquid calcium has been better, but the biggest problem is the reason I am not absorbing calcium.  That is mainly low Vitamin D.  There are also some other things, like Vitamin K2 and not enough acid in my stomach to aid with absorption.

I learned today that I need to be taking more Vitamin D3, and it must be taken at the same time as Vitamin K2.  Vitamin D3 mobilizes the calcium into the blood, but Vitamin K2 pushes it into the tissues.  Omega 3 is also very important (one that contains DHA).  The mistake I was making was that I needed to be taking all this in the morning with a meal, because these vitamins are fat soluble.  I was taking them on an empty stomach, and I was not always taking my Vitamin K2 with my Vitamin D3 (not at the same time).  And I was not taking enough of either one, given the severity of my problem.  Doing all this will break down the calcium deposits (in my joints and bone spurs on my heel and spine) and push it where it is needed to do its job.  I read somewhere that most back pain is caused by low calcium (which causes bone spurs), not by nerve pain (although if you have ever had sciatica, you know nerve pain is very real; but the sciatica is often caused by the bone spurs, etc. pressing on the nerves).  I would be very happy if that is true (that back pain is caused by low calcium) and that remedying this will break all that down.  That tells me that bone spurs can be broken down by the body.  I always wondered about that when I have studied fasting.  If this is all accurate, that means my back issues are "healable" without surgery.  I just need weight loss and for my body to go through these processes.  More fasting would also break down scar tissue and thickened ligaments, which are also a problem in my back. 

Another thing I learned is that calcium is not absorbed when there is not enough acid in the stomach.  Our stomachs have less acid as we age and it becomes a problem.  Heartburn is actually caused by not enough acid, not too much, so taking antacids is the worst thing you can do.  Taking apple cider vinegar daily was recommended, so I added a tablespoon to my Zipfizz and got that down.

As I went through my day, after taking the large doses of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2, etc., it seemed like I felt a difference.  I didn't take nearly as much calcium as I have been.  I did have a little episode mid-day, but slept through it and felt decent in that respect for the rest of the day.  I was kind of twitchy at bed time, so I did take the liquid calcium then.

My eating was good for Thursday.


I was back at work today.  My pain was actually a little improved.  I took the large doses of D3 and K2 again.  I did take a dose of calcium to start the day (liquid calcium) and, so far, that has held me all day.  I have had very few symptoms of low calcium during the day (It is 9:15 p.m.  I will take some at bedtime.)  I believe that is the D3/K2, etc. doing its work.  It is supposed to take the calcium deposits from the other places in your body where it doesn't belong and use them.  So if it is doing that, my body has calcium to do its other work.  During the day.  It seems to wane as the day goes on.

I actually felt a bit of energy this afternoon.  If I had been at home and without the added pain, I would have felt like cleaning.  But I still need a little more time for the pain issues to improve.  I hope they will improve some tomorrow.  I have definitely had pain I did not have before -- in some joints of my fingers, some of my toes, my back was very stiff, etc.  I feel very sure this is the calcium issue.  I find it so fascinating when you read about these things and then your body reacts just as they said it will.

If I continue to feel like I have today, I think I will be able to get back to some fasting soon.  I plan to start some intermittent fasting next week.  I would like to at least have an 18-hour fasting window with a 6-hour eating window (18:6).  That doesn't sound that difficult, as long as I am not dealing with all of these symptoms that made me feel so strange for so many months.  The pain issue does not affect me; it was all the weird symptoms that came along with low calcium.  I guess I need to be eating some food every day because I need to keep taking these supplements and they need to be taken with a meal.  But I know of some people who do a 23:1 fasting regimen, and even that would allow me to do what I need to do.

I finally feel hope that I am getting back to where I need to be to make this happen.  If I can stick with it for the rest of the year, I could come near to reaching my goals.  Of course, my body may have its own time schedule, and that is okay, as long as I am making progress.

My eating was good today.  I had thoughts of eating things I should not, but just could not bring myself to do it.  I had a good day and I didn't snack.  That has been a goal, at the very least.

Day 11 is done.  Good night.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Day 9

It is mid-afternoon.  It's been a little of a struggle so far today.  I have had trouble holding off symptoms, it seems like.  But I just realized I did not take my last two doses of pain med when my alarm went off, so it may have been withdrawal symptoms more than low calcium symptoms.  I'm not sure.  After a bit, it became apparent that I was having withdrawal symptoms, but up until then it had felt more like low calcium (or some electrolyte) symptoms.  I think it was both, but I didn't realize I hadn't taken my med, which is weird because my knee has been killing me today.

I didn't feel much like eating lunch, but I finally went down and got some chili.  What I brought was not a great thing to eat at my desk (chicken on the bone), so I will take it home and eat it for dinner.  My sweet cravings have been better today.  I know chili is not completely low carb, but it was better than getting a sandwich or something like that.  As I said, I am trying to do as good as I can while trying to get over this low calcium, etc. thing.  Once that is done, I want to get back to IF and being more strict.  Sugar is something I need to not compromise on, though, because it is the worst and it is the most addictive thing for me.

It's now time to go home.  I don't know if I will get around to writing tonight, so I'm going to post this now.  I can tell that I will do okay tonight.  If I don't, I will fess up about it tomorrow.

That's Day 9.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Day 8 - A Little Shaky

Starting my second week.  I don't really do scales that much these days.  At some point I will, but sometimes I lose more inches than pounds at the first of a keto diet.  And right now, I am just trying to get back on track and get to feeling better.  I have succeeded for the first week, so I am happy about that.

I feel decent today.  Not high energy, but not dragging, either.  Improving.  I actually got up and took a bath this morning.  That has seemed too much to handle lately, before work.  Baby steps.


Guess I didn't have that much to say today.  I felt pretty decent, but late afternoon was having symptoms.  Took some more calcium.  They always go away a while after taking it, so I feel sure I am on the right track.

I haven't had a stellar night tonight.  I had sausage balls for breakfast and just some nuts for lunch.  I was tired and needed to go to the store, and was craving sweets.  I've also had a headache.  All I had available to eat at the house was either breakfast foods or chicken, and I've had chicken the last two or three days.  I got some Atkins candy bars.  They are sugar free and somewhat low carb, however I had more than I should.  That kind of took care of itself because too much the artificial sweetener can bring on diarrhea.  :)  I finally had to take an anti-diarrheal so I could go to sleep.  Other than that, I had some creamy tomato bisque I got at the store.

I'm going to count today as a success because I am not doing strict keto and I did try to keep it on track.  I didn't lose it on the candy aisle, which I did visit.  It was not a strict keto / low carb day, but it was a day where I tried to make better choices than before this began.

So Day 8 is done.